DEATHCARE II: Freedom Caucus Wants Pre-existing Provision Eliminated

By Jason Taylor

Go ahead. Make my day. Make everyone’s day. The more they attempt to trash the Affordable Care Act (ACA) the closer we will creep toward a single-payer plan, which has always been and will always be the only way out of this mess.

Their revised bill has the same problems where millions end up uninsured. Or without care, as states are left to counterbalance for deep reductions in federal funding for their Medicaid programs. Once again, women and children fare poorly: States could deny coverage — through enrollment caps or waiting lists — to anyone otherwise eligible, but not required, to be covered under the block grant. States would only be subject to minimum income eligibility requirements for children and pregnant women. Can you imagine? States could significantly cut the benefits they offer children and adults.

Of course, Mr. Trump and his heartless cronies will find a way to eliminate the protections granted by the ACA and so much for his promise of “great” health care that’s better and cheaper for everyone. Yet another series of lies by our liar in chief.

“Late Monday night, word emerged that the White House and the conservative lawmakers known as the Freedom Caucus had discussed a proposal to revive the bill. But the proposed changes would effectively cast the Affordable Care Act’s pre-existing conditions provision aside.”

The last Trump health care attempt garnered a whopping 17% approval rating from the public. Is Trump trying for single digit approval rating with this proposal? The GOP representatives learned from their 1st attempt not to hold town halls. Expect no town hall discussions to accompany this new bill and a measure pushed through The House in the dead of night.

In the annals of great ideas, having health insurance only for healthy people has to be right up there with having soup kitchens only for millionaires.

Before the ACA [Obama Care] pre-existing conditions caused the greatest financial burdens on those with hypertension, diabetes and escalating up to cancer survivors. Those policies available to those with pre-existing conditions were so expensive that almost no one purchased them. This caused those with pre-existing conditions to go without insurance. Since no emergency room can refuse a patient, this led to last resort Medicine by Emergency Room for those people who could not afford insurance to treat their diseases when they were more manageable.

Now the misnamed Freedom Caucus wants to condemn patients with pre-existing conditions to once again have no doctor or treatment. The Subjugation Caucus would be a better name for their insistence on condemning those with pre-existing conditions to an early death.

Besides, what good is health insurance if once you get a disease like cancer, the insurance company can raise your rates immediately with the possibility of dropping you entirely?

If only healthy people can get reasonably priced health insurance, then we are all fools paying for something we can never use in the long term. Basically, we would be giving millions of our hard earned dollars to the health insurance companies who have no intention of ever paying for our medical needs when we need it the most.

Keep in mind the underlying philosophy of the Freedumb Caucus and other billionaires: they believe that poor people don’t have any value to American society; only rich people have value. They believe that it’s not worth the “investment” in their taxpayer money to keep the poor healthy and alive because the poor will always be a drain on those who are productive. They have the same view of seniors to given that most are no longer contributing to tax revenues and are “net takers” (despite having worked during their adult life).

Why do you think (bought and paid for) Ryan wants to dismantle Medicare and social security? To hasten the deaths of those who are, in their view, unproductive and a drain on American society. This proposed health care change is no different. They believe that if you’re sick and too poor to afford coverage, you’re a financial burden. It’s how the billionaire class run their companies: get rid of sources of inefficiency to achieve maximum productivity. It’s just a very cruel way to run a society.

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