The Real Walking Dead Are The Zombies Following Trump

By Bobby M.

In the TV show “The Walking Dead“, the zombies are mindless in their hunger to find anything to eat. Mindless support of Trump is basically the same by the people following him. They do not care about anything other than what he tells them; a singular pursuit just like the zombies from the TV show who want nothing other than something to eat.

The biggest example of this involves a budget plan that will hurt most of these people’s lives, but they do not care. Cuts include but are not limited to:

  • Food and nutrition for the poor and elderly
  • Community/art centers/programs for seniors and underprivileged
  • Affordable housing and energy bill assistance
  • Legal aid and support for domestic abuse
  • Lowering standards for teachers, less Pell Grants for college, worsen quality education for various children with disabilities
  • Clean air and water will be under attack with a various environmental departments forced to change how they operate due to Trump’s not believing in climate change

For a guy that ran on the supposed campaign promise of more jobs for people, doing all of that will be a big impact on the job market. So not only are a lot of people going to be put out of work with that budget, but their quality of life will be drastically lessened as well.

And let us not forget about how healthcare will be changed for Trump supporters too. Twenty four million people will lose their coverage due to the changes he wants to make. He can scream “Repeal and Replace” all he wants while saying there is a better plan for all, but that will not make it true. Not only that, but this nations opioid crisis will get much worse, which will create more of a burden. That will all happen all because of his grudge against Obama. He cares more about hurting his predecessor’s legacy than for the well being of his supporters. Considering many of those people fell under his sway due to sharing hate of having a black man as president, I guess worrying about that legacy is not a concern…but doing so at their own expense for the sake of spite seems counter-productive.

Hopefully some of these people will begin to come out of their zombie-like trance because we need all the people we can get to fight against a dictator wannabe. But obviously many will continue to support him no matter how much worse their lives will be due to his policies. Let us just hope that enough of them wake up and begin to figure out that Trump cares more about enriching his own life and those of the ultra rich helping him to sell the con.

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