Mr. Gorbachev, Tear Down This Wall

By Randy Deabay

In 1989 the Berlin wall came down and in 2017 The Russians invaded the electoral process of the United states. With open arms and requests of espionage from Donald J. Trump with the “investigate Hillary Clinton” call and the thousands of fake American supporters of Trump all with beginnings in internet sweat shops in Russia, America has been invaded.

One finds the current tyrannical regime of the Russian communist loving President Trump with Putin’s Spokesman who had just said on the Morning News on Friday: Trump is better for Russia than Hillary. Things just got a whole lot more hectic and a lot more interesting. Michael Flynn apparently has told FBI investigators and congressional officials that he is willing to be interviewed in exchange for an immunity deal. Another red light splintering with concerns of the Russian Trump marriage. None of that behavior may be illegal. It’s possible Flynn doesn’t have a bombshell waiting to drop.

It’s possible he’s seeking immunity based on conversations he already had with investigators. Discerned Americans are more knowledgeable than to believe it is to protect from nothing, but that there is truly a story to be told. Currently, a well-educated theory of  Kushner had snuck Russian spies into Trump Tower, taped the meeting and Trump were called in and taped at this meeting. So many questions and no real answers besides excuses, lies and diverting to anything else. Russia tore down the wall to get its hands on the resource-rich America. Donald J. Trump was taught the “art of the Deal” and “Trumped” by Putin. Maybe it would be easier for the FBI to just investigate whether anyone in the White House has connections to the United States…

The CBS news reports US investigators are looking into whether Trump campaign reps helped Russian intel carry out cyber attacks. The Trump supporters should be the most outraged at Trump’s “win.” Putin played each of them like a cheap violin. The real question is, what good does any wall, any blowhard promises or #alternativefacts does it take for the many cultural and economic GOP ransackings that America has endured before it devolves into a decaying, irrelevant backwater?

Did that wall give permission to any President, any political leader to commit treason for their own self-desires? When did it become commonplace to accept lie after lie and indignant diversion before the American populace awakens to the real threats of Putin and his choreographed partnership of Trump, his political cohorts, and the deep-seated Russian espionage rings? Between the Russian invasion of America and the potential of deeper involvement by Russia and the American populace. America needs answers to the hundreds of micro-aggressions and macro interchanges between Putin, Trump, and many of Trump’s cabinet.

Americans must answer the question of which is more important, to fund anti-terrorism from the communist state of Russia by upgrading the power grid, update the military, and the computer security for the investigative bodies of the NSA, or do we spend that money on Trump’s special projects and paying our enemies to love us as long as we finance their espionage and terrorism around the world. When JFK asked those cutting to the soul words of “ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country,” he was not just discussing a simple concept, but one of sacrifice to end the aggressive behavior of enemies and fake allies around the globe.

Americans should muster their strength and listen to the words of Abraham Lincoln when he spoke: ” One cannot escape the responsibility of tomorrow by evading it today.” To have those tomorrows of liberty and freedom, that wall between enemies and conspirators must be built in the electronic world, where the true crimes are committed. To those who propagandize the physical walls, they truly do not understand the 21st century and are decades behind the terrorist that fight the battle of hearts and souls over guns and bullets.

Today, America must toss away the “Mr. Gorbachov tear this wall down,” and replace it with “Donald build that electronic wall”! Do the American populace have the desire to protect their future and does Donald J. Trump have the leadership to make America safe from the evils of the 21st century? The true answer is in the minds and souls of every Patriot and citizen of America.



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