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President Trump Keeps Racking Up Successes

By Michael Murillo

In a little more than 70 days, the new administration has been piling up accomplishments at a rate not seen in modern times.

After taking the oath of office in front of the biggest inauguration crowd to ever assemble, President Trump quickly got to work on his bold agenda. His Executive Order preventing any immigration from seven countries considered hotbeds of terrorism held up to judicial scrutiny and has kept us safe from sea to shining sea.

His meetings with foreign leaders have also re-established the US as a competent leader of the free world. A phone conversation with Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull left him in admiration with the president’s professionalism and demeanor and strengthened our relationship with that country in just a few minutes. Germany’s Angela Merkel was similarly impressed when she had the pleasure of meeting President Trump, and laughed heartily at his jokes about spying. The president proved wit and wisdom can carry the day in foreign relations.

But sometimes a tough stance is necessary. Mexico quickly agreed to pay for the border wall, and NATO allies thanked the president for his timely reminder to pay their fair share. North Korea has also responded positively to the new administration, and Russia is clearly shaken and now operating from a position of weakness.

Obamacare is on its way out, as President Trump used his tough negotiating skills to cobble together a coalition of Republicans to support its repeal and replacement. His oratory skills were so impressive, The Freedom Caucus and Tuesday Group are considering merging into one like-minded coalition, and several Democrats ended up defecting and voting for the bill as well.

When tempers flare up in Washington, the president is always ready with a light-hearted Tweet that makes all sides smile and remember that they’re supposed to do the people’s business. After a few positive words of encouragement on Twitter from the Commander in Chief, a healthy negotiation and resolution are never far behind.

Meanwhile, the fake news media continue to attack him with claims of Russia’s election tampering (which have already been proven false) and shameful allegations that the Trump administration somehow colluded with a foreign government (both the House and Senate concluded the investigations with apologies to the president). President Trump was also vindicated when the CIA, FBI and the British spy agency GCHQ all admitted that the Obama administration wiretapped him.

After just getting started in his first term, everyone is wondering what stunning accomplishments the president has in store for both the nation and the world.

Happy April Fool’s Day!



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  1. I damn-near snorted coffee out my nose when I started reading this.
    Then I heard Willy Wonka (Gene Wilder’s, thank you very much) singing “Pure Imagination” while a unicorn, a three-toed sloth, and a penguin played a jazz-trio accompaniment under a big willow tree, while Loki (awesome-sauce Hiddleston, you know) and I read Shakespeare aloud together…good times.

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