Devin Nunes: A Stooge For Trump And Bannon

By Jason Taylor

The seeming corruption and malfeasance swirling around the Trump administration and its GOP enablers are making Watergate look like children’s play. What on earth are this White House and the GOP leaders in Congress up to? Why on earth are there all these ties to Russia, a country that is hostile in so many ways to US interests?

Why won’t the White House stop with the “alternative facts” and disinformation and outright propaganda, and come clean? As Douglas Brinkley put it last week, there is a “smell of treason” in the air around this administration and it’s spreading. I hope the FBI, the Senate Intelligence Committee, and, if possible, an independent prosecutor can get to the bottom of what’s really going on.

This is dripping with hypocrisy. Out of one side of their mouths, Trump and his administration are lambasting those media outlets and individuals who are reporting on Trump’s dysfunction and sharing sensitive or “classified” material as whistleblowers or “leaks”, which the administration does not want shared.

So, in this instance, we’re told by Trump via Spicer that it’s not the source of the leak that’s important, it’s the content of the leaked information. But in all of the other instances, it’s not the content of the leaked information but the discovery of the leakers themselves which is paramount? What?

Out of the other side of their mouths, Trump and his administration are absolutely fine, protective even, of the incredibly suspect actions of Mr. Nunes. Those actions? Receiving sensitive or “classified” material, aka the intelligence reports, refusing to identify his sources, and going directly to the White House. And why? To “…advance the goals of the Trump administration.”

This entire issue is the White House strategy to deceive, inveigle and obfuscate legitimate efforts to uncover the truth, There is so much smoke, soon no one will know what the truth is, nor even what the question is.

The problem with Nunes goes beyond his ineptitude and partisan-ism, no matter his platitudes to the contrary. All one has to do is look to Paul Ryan who has made his bed in this hellish marriage with Trump, taking the moral low-ground as a vehicle to promote his predatory legislative agenda. Ryan’s leadership by example sets the standard for Nunes and his likes.

Trump was brilliant in confusing the electorate with his Tweets, which took attention away from the fact he was not qualified to be President. Now that he is President. He is doing the same thing to cover up scandals and incompetence by creating other scandals. He will say anything and challenges his opponents to prove him wrong, which is nearly impossible. Meanwhile, nothing is being said about what to do to improve health care, threats from North Korea, Russians in Libya, China’s claims in the South China Sea, and the US strikes against Iraqi civilians. Although the economy is still intact, China has taken the lead on green energy and free trade deals are being made without US involvement.

Alt-facts can hold up for only so long. We are a country built on law. And order. You know. That thing Trump ran on and is trying to run all over. The truth is going to come out. So, of course, they have to fight every step of the way…if they lose and are found to be meddling…wow. The repercussions could be epic, and they know that.

It is obvious that the mysterious documents all originated with Trump and Bannon, both of whom are fond of distorting reality with false news while disdaining accurate news.

Nunes is a fool, a stooge and certainly not patriotic or acting within the requirements of the Constitution. For the House of Representatives to retain any appearance of integrity, Devin Nunes should immediately be removed from the House Intelligence Committee.


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