Coal Is Not Coming Back No Matter How Many Times Trump Says So

By Jason Taylor

Of all of the idiotic things Trump has done, this has the greatest potential for damage and it’s all based on lies. Before he’s through, since his ignorance knows no bounds, Donald Trump will have stripped America of its hard-won leadership role on a host of issues. Democrats used to believe that George W. Bush represented the gold-standard for clueless presidents. Donald Trump makes Mr. Bush appear as if he was Churchill, FDR, Gandhi, and Charlemagne rolled into one. And we’re less than 100 days in.

With all of the Obama regulations in place, the US currently produces more oil and gas than it ever has. So much so, that energy companies want to export. We import no coal. Repealing these regulations will, therefore, have zero impact on our energy independence.

The world consumes about 96 million barrels per day of oil. The US produces about 9 million. The price of oil is very sensitive to supply and demand. About 2 million barrels surplus will tank the price. If we increase production by 10%, that would push prices down considerably. Global demand then controls how much comes out of the ground, not Obama’s regulations.

Only around 60,000 people work the coal mines. That’s all. Demand for miners is dropping because the demand for coal is dropping and mechanization is taking jobs. Appalachian mines have been greatly depleted. Most of the coal is out west where it is strip-mined which requires few workers.

The coal plants that would be shut down are very old and would have to close anyway in 10 or 15 years.

The President can roll back whatever we want — but the consciousness of the world has changed. Extreme weather and the harmful effects of pollutants are being felt everywhere in the world. In developing countries, even ordinary citizens who are still struggling to make a living are beginning to see how each flood is washing away their dreams as a result of deforestation.

Solar and wind energies are beginning to take shape in many countries. Trump might think he can build a wall and keep everything out but all he will end up is keeping our own waste in. The stench of our pollution will one day suffocate his and our grandchildren. Before too long nations will begin to boycott American companies or boycott products made with coal energy. There will be no jobs for us just as there will be no clear air to breathe.

So who benefits from Trump’s deregulations? The energy companies will make greater profits. This is all about boosting income and share value for stock owners. All at the expense of ruining the planet and saving very few miner’s jobs. All lies, all Trump, and all devastation for the planet. Wall Street wins again. The GOP cheers.

We need to let Trump know in no uncertain terms that he is on the way to becoming an environmental criminal — and if he continues, he must be prepared to be prosecuted to the fullest extent that international and civil law allows once his reign of error is concluded.

So long as Trump is President he is likely protected, but he will not be President forever; and once he is out of office, he and his collaborators will be vulnerable to civil and international criminal litigation — litigation that many Americans will be positively thrilled to support.

Trump is used to living large in large spaces, but if he continues on this path, he will deserve to end his days in a tiny cell in an international prison.

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