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Will The Real America Please Stand Up

By Andrew Witzel

Is this the America we all remember?  Let that sit for a moment.

Donald Trump has been America’s president for 70 days today.  The swamp has grown darker, become smelly and more pestilent by the day.  A string of failures has been tossed out of the White House like one throws out the trash on garbage day.  Controversy, conspiracy and dare it be said, treason, has surrounded Washington like a dark cloak of death ready to claim its next victim, whomever that may be we’ll sure find out soon enough.

Today’s news is an ominous sign that this is only the beginning:

  • Senate prepares for its first hearing on Russia inquiry
  • Trump lashes out at House Freedom Caucus
  • Federal court in Hawaii halts Donald Trump’s travel ban indefinitely
  • Trump threatens war on House Freedom Caucus in 2018
  • Top Republican senator takes shot at Paul Ryan for discouraging Trump from working with Democrats
  • Ivanka Trump taking formal role in administration amid ethics concerns
  • Ivanka Trump’s new gig isn’t nepotism because she isn’t being paid
  • Trump warns House conservatives:  “Get on the team”

The opinion writers of the Internet all have whiplash because the stories are coming from every direction, Trump has been the best story for 70 days and the worst thing to happen to the United States in the last few decades.  It won’t be a question of if Trump will get impeached, but rather when he will get impeached.  The intelligence community is filled with die-hard people who will continue to dig as far as the facts take them and it’s skeptical that there isn’t something truly treasonous or unethical in Trump’s circle that will ultimately bring him down.

For far too long the citizens of America have failed to properly listen to each other on a myriad of problems that face our nation.  We are letting the officials, that spend a year lying to us through their campaigns only to waffle once in office, run this country into the ground for the sake of their own personal and self-centered greed.  Government has become a machine that consumes the 99%, grinds them to a pulp, and creates a reconstituted wealthy oligarch on the other side that is programmed to obey the all mighty elite (the 1% of the 1%) that hide in the shadows.  To prove the point, how often is Rupert Murdoch, Warren Buffet, Forrest Mars, Jr. or David Koch in the news?  All are billionaires, all are the 1% of the 1%.

The rest of us need to stop yelling, start talking AND listening, debate and discover a better way to move forward and then elect government officials that can make that happen.  Regardless of the power the wealthy elite hold, the one thing all legal American citizens have is our right to vote.  As long as the constitution exists, we will have that right to vote.  It will take work, dedication, and none of this works if America continues to be lazy and uninformed.  The next grassroots leaders are out there, we’ve seen them here and there, we need to support them unanimously so that the real America can stand back up and stand as proud as the Statue of Liberty.

It’s our America, let’s fight for it!

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