Trump Wants To Fight The Freedom Caucus…Good Luck

By Jason Taylor

Who would have thought we’d have a president “declare war on the conservatives of the House Freedom Caucus” and the NY Times in the same breath. The orange wrecking ball will destroy everything that is decent and good about this country, everything that makes us safe and secure and respected as a nation: public education, healthcare, the environment, Internet privacy, he will destroy everything he can get his little tiny hands on.

So two weeks ago he was first negotiating with the Freedom Caucus and then talking about working with Democrats on health care, and now he wants to fight both of them. The is an example of what happens when there is no philosophy or moral compass guiding one’s actions. Trump has the predictability found in a game of pinball. He shoots all over, depending on who “flips” him. This is obviously not the way to build legislative consensus. And thus not the way to be successful in accomplishing anything.

Meanwhile he enshrines lies and nepotism and recreates the executive branch as a shadow government, shrouded in secrecy and conspiracy, systematically blocking and obstructing any attempts to check his malicious agenda against the American people, including those who voted for him, dismantling the very agencies that have been put in place to hold criminals like him in check.

Trump has no principles, philosophy, morals, thoughts that last more than seconds, ideology, structure, strategy or path forward. What he says in one moment is utterly meaningless to what he says the next. His only thought — if you can call it that — is to “win” and have adulation like his hero Vladimir and other famous bullies/killers like Kim Jong-Un. So that he is “going after” Republican “conservatives” today doesn’t mean tomorrow it won’t be the Republican “moderates.”

What Trump is saying is that he needs pure obedience and only obedience. The only thing we can hope is that this will motivate certain Republicans to have enough antipathy towards Mr. Trump that they actually do their constitutional duty and investigate the Russian connections properly so he and his associates traitorous acts are laid bare and he is at the very least impeached and found guilty and is forced to leave the presidency shamed, humiliated and facing criminal prosecution. Of course, that would leave us with Pastor Pence and his theocratic dream, but that’s a headache for another day.

Our government has been paralyzed by the toxic ideologies of the 1% who now own the political apparatus of this country. The only hope we have is that people will WAKE UP and put a stop to this. We outnumber them by the millions. It’s up to us now.

The Donald should take his ball and go home.

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