Russiagate: Senate Intelligence Committee Takes On Trump

By Jason Taylor

At last, the Republicans seem to want to do right by American citizens by conducting a truly bipartisan investigation into whether this president is guilty of collusion and treason for cooperating with and receiving aid from Russia during the campaign to get him elected and thus skirt the American voting democratic process. The House Intelligence Committee, thanks to Devin Nunes, has been stymied by the Chairman’s refusal to cooperate with his Democratic colleagues.

It’s nice to see a little integrity rising to the surface. We’ll see, but Paul Ryan and the House should be absolutely ashamed. If Ryan wants to save an iota of dignity and integrity, he MUST ask Nunes to resign from the House Intelligence Committee.

Don’t these folks understand that ANY hint of bias, corruption, tit-for-tat, destroys the basic trust of the American people for their government and their laws? With so many ethically suspect individuals and situations surrounding the President, we cannot have any investigation of possible collusion with Russia in our democratic process to be suspect.

The House talked the talk; we’ll see if the Senate walks the walk.

I’m actually willing to beg the senate to do the right thing at this point. We have been hacked and attacked by the Russians. There’s something terribly suspicious about the dealings with high profile Russians of Trump and his associates. We simply must take command of the situation and stop the cowardly partisan behavior.

I certainly hope that Sen. Burr has learned from Nunes’ example, and indeed his own faux pas, that it is better to play it straight with the American people. To all senators and members of congress: give us an honest, forthright investigation. We expect you to treat our concerns with due care and process. Answer our questions. We deserve the Truth rather than a partisan party line or worse yet, a cover up. Do what’s Right. Be strong and do what’s Truly in your constituent’s good interest.

Trump has only been in office for 2 months and already allegations of possible corruption and possibly treason are surrounding this administration. When is our once great nation going to wake up and realize that the whole world is now laughing at Trump as he tries to turn us into a banana republic?

The world laughs and despairs at Donald Trump, but the world knows that his values do not represent the values of the American people. It is time for the Republicans to grow a backbone, oust this charlatan and stand up, represent all American citizens and legislate to provide a better future for everyone not just the rich.

The GOP’s failure to understand the enormity of this issue and its attempts to limit a vigorous investigation is quickly becoming a second attack on the integrity of our government.

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