The GOP Efforts To “Repeal and Replace” Are Doomed To Failure

By Jason Taylor

Donald Trump was a failure as a businessman. Why would he possibly be a success as a president? Turns out exactly as I thought it would, and the argument that I had with friends who voted for this buffoon:

He’s a terrible businessman, failed, again and again, lazy, uncurious, has no clue about the way our government even works or how bills are made or that there are three branches of government, doesn’t read books, isn’t smart, is a narcissist, is rude and limited in his vocabulary, is a whiner and not a winner, is a con artist as evidenced by scams like Trump University, is a tax dodger and draft dodger, is not a populist, is a creep in his attitude towards women, a birther, and a liar, and so why would he be any good at running this country? And he won’t be. Well, that prediction took 60 days to come true.

The GOP efforts to “repeal and replace” are doomed to failure because they’re, including Trump’s, entire pitch to the public is based on a heap of lies. They quite clearly have no intention to fix or improve the Affordable Care Act (ACA) or, to paraphrase Trump, cover everybody with something better and cheaper. They have realized that completely destroying the legislation isn’t politically feasible so what they offered up with the AHCA was a massive cut to the program. Not a fix, not an improvement, a straight up cut.

If the GOP wants people to buy into the AHCA they have to present it as what it really is: a huge tax cut for the affluent and a reduction in health care subsidies that aligns with their less spending/smaller government mantra. The idea that the AHCA was supposed to be broader, better and cheaper is such a transparent falsehood that it’s laughable on its face. No wonder GOP legislators don’t want to stand up in a town hall and defend that malarkey.

There is no chance, in my opinion, that these lackluster chuckleheads are going to come up with a plan. I am pretty sure they are doing this just to interfere with the insurance markets to see if they can inject enough uncertainty to cause the system to collapse. Why they think they will escape blame for this, if it were to occur, just shows how delusional they are.

Donald Trump needs to sign an executive order stating all members of Congress must use the exact same health care plan that they come up with for the American public.

The good news is that the health care debacle woke a sleeping giant. Americans realized, some, for the very first time, that Trump and the Republicans do not have their best interests at heart.

I can’t wait for them to try to sell tax cuts for the wealthy, and then the axing of Social Security and Medicare. “For their own good.” People know how to get to Town Halls now, and how to call their Congressman’s office. Democrats need to quit calling people stupid and watch the slow progress of those who are watching and not dug in. Some will stick with the Republicans until the bitter end, but not all will. And we only need a few to change the outcome of 2018 and 2020.

The US is the wealthiest and most powerful nation on earth. Politicians from both parties are instantly able to cough up trillions of dollars to fight pointless wars in the Middle East or billions to arm an already super-armed Israel. You certainly should be able to come up with a few dollars or so to create the best national healthcare system in the world. But no. The Trump Republicans would prefer to enrich corporations and themselves at the expense of millions of far more deserving Americans.

To Trump’s defenders, supporters, lackeys: Implicit trust is the holiday of the ignorant for whom truth has become too strenuous. We have this mess simply because of your laziness, your child-like need to belong to a clubhouse of whack job anti-intellect conspiracists who poisoned you to vote for men who help not simply the rich, but the corrupt. There’s a big difference.

You whined and vented about how Hillary Clinton ignored you. Was it better to be made a fool of or overlooked? There will be no coal jobs, no new jobs at all for they exist in the renewable energy sector and you don’t want to learn, so that’s out. You expressed outrage when the health care Obama gave you was being taken away, yet when he was President you went along with every nasty smear and racists comment from your adoring politicians and lunatic radio hosts. You’re in a word, a disgrace.

The country is in a mess because of you. We told you this would happen. Start reading, get rid of your corrupt bible thumping phony leaders. Join the normal world, the one that deals in truths, not fantasy.

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