Devin Nunes Has Lost All Credibility

By Jason Taylor

Devin Nunes continued presence as chair of the House Intelligence Committee is not only a joke but a distraction. Frankly, he comes off as totally bumbling, vague, and too often incoherent. If the feckless House GOP cannot replace him it shows more about them that I care to think. Were the tables turned, this would have been resolved the second the Chair pulled his little escapade of running to the White House behind the rest of the committee’s backs.

The longer this drags on, the clearer it becomes that the GOP’s interest in lowering taxes for the wealthy is more compelling than the fact we have a possibly contaminated, treasonous administration that cannot be adequately investigated. Putin must be smiling. As Director Comey said, the brazenness and glee with which the Russian hackers operated was breathtaking. Russia is managing to undermine our democracy with precious little effort, thanks to the totally complicit behavior of the US Republican party.

The Democrat’s approach here is pretty much taken verbatim from the Republican playbook from the Obama years. Investigate, investigate and investigate some more. Turn every ambiguous event into a potential scandal. Concentrate on never putting out the flame to cultivate ever more smoke.

Republicans are learning that what’s sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander, and I hope they enjoy the taste.

The party that gave us Richard Nixon hasn’t learned a thing. The lessons of Watergate don’t mean anything to a party that can’t move past demagoguery and general mean-spiritedness. Now we find that even after the embarrassing resignation of Mr. Flynn there are still those in the Trump Administration who believe they can operate secretly and perhaps even illegally While the White House decries leaks, its own inside people readily accepts intelligence information on the White House grounds from an unnamed confidential source. Then these people try to keep the meeting secret. All this by Chairman Nunes who by all accounts doesn’t understand what he did wrong and doesn’t understand why he should recuse himself.

This isn’t the gang that couldn’t shoot straight. This is the gang that stands in a circular firing squad. Of course, Mr. Spicer asserts that “ the White House had no previous knowledge of Mr. Nune’s visit to the White House grounds”. Sure, he just walked to White House as part of his daily work schedule and no one knew. I wonder, did Mr. Nunes and his source sign in at the gate to the White House? Where did they meet? On the White House lawn? Or in the Oval Office? Where are the videos of that day? Isn’t the White House under 24/7 surveillance? Mr. Trump feels vindicated? Why? Because secret meetings on the White House grounds took place and secrets were revealed? I don’t buy any of this.

I keep asking myself if this is really happening. There’s a powerful reason for the Foreign Powers Act, The Emoluments clause, FISA warrants…Our predecessors saw this all coming. One really rotten apple can upset the entire global paradigm for its own personal greed. The Trump family now has this machine fully greased and turned up to ramming speed.

It’s beyond surreal.

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