Baseless Trump Tweets = “True Lies”

By Randy Deabay

Today we can call Donald Trump the Delay and Divert King of the year. If any discussion, any investigation, or a Constitutional call become too strong, then Trump parlays it into pity me for I am the POTUS, and I am just trying to fix America.

As of today, there is no evidence to prove that actual orders from the previous POTUS were given at any time to wiretap either the current POTUS or his gold-plated Trump Tower. Today 40 Members of Congress just sent a letter to  demanding he apologizes to President Obama over baseless lies. Regarding President Trump’s tweets about alleged wiretapping by the Obama administration, Mr. Comey said the agency has “no information that supports those tweets.” OFFERED By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS.

While many Trump supporters do not have the capacity to take into consideration an innumerable amount of facts to supplement this claim, they continue to propagandize this and many other #alternativefacts that Donald and KellyAnne Conway have publicly endorsed or fabricated.

“We have no information to support those tweets,” Mr. Comey said, repeating moments later, “All I can tell you is that we have no information that supports them.” The N.S.A. chief, Admiral Rogers, weighed in as well, saying that he had no knowledge of anyone asking the British or any other ally to wiretap Mr. Trump. That seemed to refute another claim made by the White House. “I’ve seen nothing on the N.S.A. side that we engaged in such activity, nor that anyone engaged in such activity,” Admiral Rogers said. He then explicitly denied having any indication that Mr. Trump was wiretapped by British intelligence at the request of Mr. Obama.C78Cc8fW0AAas0Y

While Trump tries diligently to divert the attention from the obvious Russian connections, he still has plenty of time to Tweet more uninformed comments, insults our intel community and tries to stir the pot to continue with such a minuscule issue.  Mr. Trump, watching the House Intelligence Committee closely, has offered a stream of comments on Twitter, attacking classified leaks and concluding that, in fact, Russia did not influence the electoral process.

To break up the monotony of serious issues, questions of importance to a more informed investigation of Trump and his Russian connections, Mr. Comey provided a rare moment of levity when asked if he believed the inquiry into Russian meddling and possible connections to the Trump campaign was a form of “McCarthyism.” The question came during a stretch of questioning in which both he and Admiral Rogers unequivocally rejected claims by Mr. Trump that he was wiretapped during the campaign. As for McCarthyism, Mr. Comey’s reply was similarly definitive: “I try very hard not to engage in any ‘isms’ of any kind, including McCarthyism,” he said.

The Trump campaign was, at best, far too close to Russia,  and far too eager to appease Moscow on Ukraine and other issues. If the Trump campaign, or anybody associated with it, aided or abetted the Russians, it would not only be a serious crime, it would also represent one of the most shocking betrayals of our democracy in history. We would call this outright Treason, and it would be grounds for Impeachment hearings against any political leader, whether it be a Congressperson, Senator, or the President. America shall never bow down to any country, allow another country to control election outcomes, or to buy favor. With the larger picture of treasonous activities, it is easy to see that this “wiretapping” episode was a delay and divert tactic proposed and taken to fruition by the White House.

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  1. Yeah, I love the bit about McCarthyism you threw in. I bet the Soviets were clapping giddily at what McCarthy did, seeing communists around every corner and getting the country on board with it. Yikes, there’s so much crap coming out of this administration they’ll need a sewage pipe.

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