Donald Trump – So Sick Of Winning He Lost

By Jason Taylor

Ladies and gentlemen, we have now seen the Republican Party “in all its glory” out in the open for all to see and if there is any doubt what they stand for and whose interests they really serve, that doubt should now be put to rest.

The idea that such a draconian, heartless piece of legislation would even see the light of day is beyond me. What is even more troublesome, however, is that those whom ultimately were responsible for scuttling the legislation, not only did they NOT want to make it better but, their goal was to actually make it even worse.

Have some Republicans not given any thought to what it means to have a country with large numbers of people who are not healthy? Even if they do not care about other people’s suffering, the economic costs of illness and injury are significant. It hurts all of us to have a large percentage of Americans ill and suffering, and their families hurting as well. More important, what civilized person thinks that health care should be a luxury item? And that is what unbridled capitalism in the health care industry would give us.

Never forget that the MAIN reason the bill was pulled was NOT because dozens of benevolent Republican Representatives believed it might hurt the most vulnerable Americans, but because dozens of thoughtless Republican Representatives were adamant that the bill was not draconian enough to put these same vulnerable people in their graves. Obviously, most of the “non-compliant” Republicans were focused strictly on saving their backsides in the next election, and the fortunate “by-catch” is that they also probably saved many American lives in the process, despite what their most base desires.

If you give the Freedom Caucus an inch, they’ll take a mile.

Trump chose to play a dangerous game of chicken with a group of people that has far less to lose from taking a hardline stance than he does. In the process, by not proceeding with a floor vote, he has telegraphed to them that his threats are empty so they will be even more empowered to ignore them in the future. Far from being a skilled negotiator, he destroyed his credibility. If he is smart, he’ll try to undercut the power of the Freedom Caucus by striking bargains with centrist Democrats; that would be good for the country. But there is nothing in the behavior he has shown or actions he has taken so far that gives me a reason to be optimistic that he will be that kind of president.

When profits or how deep your pocket determines health care in this country, we have lost the most basic of freedoms…to govern ourselves. For the people, by the people, and of the people rings very hollow when your very life is dictated by the whims of this GOP Congress who’s loyalty is to serve those with the most over those with the least. They must all be voted out and never should human life and dignity be subject to these folks who betray the trust of the American people.

Apparently, Trump did not know he is not a Republican, so the party had to point it out to him. He has one thing only in common with Republicans; He Hates Obama. He has allegiance to one person only — himself. Now that so many Republicans that either swallowed their pride or lost all sense of decency and chose to back him see he has no problem throwing them under the bus, maybe they will actually start putting their country, instead of their party first, and start taking some responsibility for their actions.

Trump has no idea about the political landscape of his own party. The Gingrich coalition of right and crazy-alt-right that has been growing since 1994 has now erupted like a festering boil. The GOP should be two separate parties. It best resembles a European or Israeli-style accord between center-right and far-right in order to solidify a majority voting block. But beyond expediency, there is no philosophical accord.

Enter Trump, a former Democrat who never really understood Washington political dynamics, and whom the GOP establishment leaders viewed as a convenient tool to get legislation through that would dismantle everything back to the New Deal. They forgot that the President actually has to lead, and Trump doesn’t know how to do this with the unruly factions in the GOP.

So we are in for four years of infighting in the majority party. If the dysfunction of the Obama years was frustrating with obstructionist Republicans always trying to block legislation, how much worse is it going to be with three factions all trying to stymie the other two, and with a President who has no idea how to proceed with any of them.

Priebus is no leader. Wonkish Ryan is utterly incapable of inspiring anyone. McConnell is utterly sidelined. Trump — not in control and Pence is running around like a demented cheerleader trying to sell dysfunction as progress as if he were still on the campaign trail.

The real concern now should be how the Democrats will respond to Trump and his administration when not if, they make an all-out effort to sabotage Obamacare. Trump has already told us his playbook — do everything he can to destroy Obamacare. Democrats have no time to rejoice. It will not be an easy fight especially when Trump controls the levers of power and is hellbent on revenge when he loses.

Republicans are incapable of governing. They can yell, stammer, obfuscate, lie, demean, obstruct, vilify, propagandize, con, and say no. But govern, absolutely not. It’s the party of Rush Limbaugh, Glen Beck, Fox News, Sean Hannity, Steve Bannon, Info Wars, and Breitbart. It’s who can yell the loudest, be the meanest, and tear the most people down. It’s not productive, civil, or designed to advance society. And it’s been majorly exposed. We finally gave the GOP the wheels to the car, and they don’t know how to drive.

I’m hoping for major losses in 2018 and a return of the adults to the room. Until then, I will continue resisting every action of this corrupt and misguided party.

I want desperately to vote on a Constitutional Amendment stripping these repulsive men of their government health care. It would be merely symbolic given that these are almost exclusively white male millionaires gutting our nation’s health and they could go and spend unlimited amounts for their Viagra and heart disease medications, but I want them to personally feel the experience.

Shame on these vile men (and a handful of women), shame on the “values voters” who claim to care for their neighbors and yet voted these petty soul-suckers into office, shame on the insurance companies for being complicit in this charade, shame on the corporate health care organizations that have said too little too late, and shame on all of us as we fall rapidly from our perch as one of the great nations in history for no good reason whatsoever.


  1. As a Briton across the pond, my heart goes out to all Americans, stuck under an increasingly problematic administration. Here’s hoping this is the first nail in the coffin for Donald Trump and reason can return to the White House and the nation.

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