By Randy Deabay

President Trump’s ties to Russia raise more questions by the day and America needs answers. One group has taken up the pen and petition and encouraged all citizens to sign for an investigation into these allegations, and the public evidence already in full view for all Americans. STAND UP REPUBLIC has chosen to offer this petition.

Stand Up Republic, a not-for-profit political action committee, publicly promoted by ex-Presidential hopeful Evan McMullin, and his running-mate Mindy Finn has gone public and just launched a new petition to Congressional leaders to establish a special select committee to investigate Trump and Russia. With the millions of McMullin supporters, America can expect a high number of demands for this special select investigation and the citizens would expect to discover evidence to more deep state style shenanigans from Donald J. Trump and his staff and Cabinet.

The petition site of Stand Up Republic is short, easy to follow, and a quick response. The same qualities that cannot be found by Donald Trump, and his supporters. Another group that is going by the name of also offers support and guidance to those who are not supporting Donald Trump.

Stand Up Republic is a group that promotes America was founded on the timeless truths that all men and women are created equal and endowed with the same inalienable rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. These ideals are the foundation of our system of government, which has no rightful power over us except by our consent.

Whether you believe in the Constitution, equal rights for every citizen, want to join a political action that stands for morals, integrity, and principles, or just want to see an investigation into the illegal and maybe treasonous actions of Donald Trump, Stand Up Republic continues to influence the scene in several ways.

As President Ronald Reagan famously said, “Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction,” and today, Americans must take their freedoms more serious, and stand guard over those liberties in as much as the Trump Presidency is doing several misguided and anti-liberty actions.

With the media scrambling to get all of the current news out concerning investigations, tweets, and other #alternativefacts positions being propagated by the Trump Corp., it is even more important that we take very serious the need to investigate his ties to Russia, Putin, and other actions like China, Ivanka getting clearance for an office at the WhiteHouse, Donald’s security costs to house his wife and son in New York, while the taxpayer continues to subsidize that security.C7a3jTsXUAAwWnc

It is the time that the American start a revolution, not one of violence, but of pen and paper and sign the Stand-Up Republic Petition, and demand the thorough investigation of Donald J. Trump! American citizens must stand up, be heard, be supported, and the political leaders must do as their employers have demanded…Investigate.


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