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Enough Is Enough: Nunes Needs To Go

By Jason Taylor

Each time something like this happens within the Trump administration I wonder what would have happened if a Democrat had done it. The answer is that the GOP would have gone onto every right winged talk show to blast the president, the party, and the person who did it. They would have screamed about ethics, morals, endangering the American public, a lack of integrity, and who knows what else. But if anyone in their party does it, hey, it’s fine.

Donald Trump‘s water-boy, Devin Nunes, running up to the White House with some inside information to help Trump’s White House cover their posteriors is beyond the call of duty. There is no way that Devin Nunes can be trusted any further to be Chairman of the Intelligence committee and in fact should be removed from that post immediately. Now, we have to question whether Nunes has been funneling information to the Trump cronies right along to keep them in the loop of what was being found, discovered, investigated and it would be for only one reason, to help them cover up their tracks.

I hate to use this term, but in Nunes’s case, it the proverbial term that we have a boy sitting in a seat to do a man’s job and he can’t handle it, he is proven himself to be the Deep Throat for the Trump administration, the Benedict Arnold of the Intelligence Committee and has shown himself to value loyalty to President Trump over loyalty to the country and possibly the Constitution.

David Nunes is the genius who, at the request of the White House, spoke to a Wall Street Journal reporter in an attempt to influence reporting about the Trump campaign’s connections to Russia. If the GOP expects us to believe that he’s an impartial agent in an investigation into those very connections, they’re even more stupid than they think we are.

As having been a member of the Trump transition team, Nunes is in a strategic position to put the breaks on any real investigation. Having been on that team should have automatically disqualified him from any kind of participation in this investigation. It is also of interest that he met with Speaker Ryan before taking his new evidence to the White House. How many of our representatives could have been aware of the (alleged) Russian assistance in the election of Trump during the campaign? The odor is rising from the capital building and it stinks to high heaven.

Republicans, in general, seem pretty relaxed about the fact that Putin intervened in the American election process to discredit an enemy (Hillary) and support a friend (Trump). Deliberately trying to derail the investigation into collusion expands complicity to every Republican member that has touched this, by their active or passive participation.

John McCain is absolutely right in his comments that Congress no longer has the credibility to handle this alone, thanks to Devin Nunes actions. What is more startling, than John McCain’s statement is that he seems to be the lone Republican voice in the wind who has the courage and integrity to stand up and say what’s needs to be said, the silence from the rest of the Republican’s in the Congress is just deafening; no profiles in courage. Astounding.

Every day is a new and depressing revelation. Our president and Republican lawmakers are so far off the rails that it makes my head spin. They are so busy spinning webs and covering butts that there can’t possibly be much time for governing and addressing the real issues the country faces. Citizens and taxpayers seem to be a necessary annoyance.

It’s becoming increasingly clear that we did not elect a president or a vice president. We elected a child who has tantrums and a majority party in Congress that has no integrity, no concern for the people they represent and has one thing in mind: its own enrichment at our expense.

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