Where Does The American Citizen Fit In?

By: Randy Deabay

The American people are the drivers, while the government is the automobile. Citizens decide where it should go and how far it can go, and which route it shall take. Americans also decide on the speed that our automobile shall accelerate to and when it shall slow down. The average American is the silent majority but continues to become louder and louder. The citizen is fed up with stupidity and incompetence within the political realm of Washington D.C. America deserves better, and it is time for a better type of political leader. The American voter needs to become more in tune with the reality of each candidate, their past, and what they are now saying, for their past determines their future.

America stands quietly by as poorly thought out agreements are written between once great adversaries and The current American leaders, immigration policy does not follow the constitution, and at every turn, the American citizen is losing their liberties and rights because of the growth of government. The poor continue to become more poor, while their numbers increase, and the rich become richer off the backs of never-ending demands of the average American. Prices of food, a necessity are a real difference between survival and death, to get to and from work becomes a struggle financially, and clothing is no longer made in America.

The Best that either major political party offered this last election are two people with at minimum questionable pasts and if the American citizen would actually take the time to research, they would find both are malfeasant if not treasonous. Donald Trump has had several bankruptcies, accusations of spousal rape, over one thousand court lawsuits, and dealings that are at a minimum questionable, while Hillary Clinton offered overly paid speaking engagements without cause, special deals for her family’s charity, and free giveaways to an enemy state, as well as a questionable email server and the standing without discernment while Americans were killed in a foreign country.

The political oligarchy has increased in size to a point way past the founWhat I Learned from We the People (1)ding fathers’ vision. They gave the right to the federal government to control the military and interstate commerce, along with federal elections. Today we see this same government taxing you, controlling you, stopping you, forcing you, and lying to you as commonplace while they spend trillions of dollars beyond their annual intake.

The loss of a more perfect union has created a country unfamiliar to many and becoming despised by some. The world no longer recognizes America as the beacon of true humanity and freedom, and the enemies of the state are knocking on the doors. The sophistication once observed by both Countrymen and political leaders have given way to greed and desire, but the average citizen pays the price, over and over. The average citizen is as important as you’re thinking they are but do not need a nationalistic, socialistic, communistic approach. America is the Constitutional Democratic Republic. This means that every cabinet member of the President’s should be elected, and only political leaders who manifest your beliefs and idealisms. These politicians need to be impelled by their constituents and not by political greed. America always needs to remember it was built on the foundation to serve the majority and not the minority, but to protect the minority within the borders of America. To this call, Americans must take up signs, and bullhorns and call for the Impeachment and removal of one Donald J. Trump from POTUS. Americans must demand a person of principle, integrity, honesty and a moral foundation, not one of the lies and boastful arrogance.

It is truly time that “We The People” became the banner called for by all Patriots within America. Americans need to be able to live in liberty, the pursuit of happiness and some portion of prosperity. No longer can “We The People” be worried by the economic

Patrick Henry speech: Give me liberty or give me Death

blunders of a greedy political tyrannical federal government. Today America needs to hear the calling, for the words of Patrick Henry and speak up loud and clear, Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death…

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