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Trump On Healthcare: The Art of The Steal

By Jason Taylor

Donald Trump reminds me of the Villains in James Bond movies that eliminated fellow crooks at the meeting table if they did not agree with his plans. Pity he does not understand you can not run a country with the same abuse you run a company.

With the president’s poll numbers sinking, his deep ties to Putin and Russian oligarchs begin uncovered, and his potential impeachment due to Constitutional breaches, I would think that no Republican would want to be aligned with him. His threat of “we’re going to remember those who stood by us” gets emptier by the day as his power wanes and his atrocities toward America pile up. Republicans have nothing to lose by voting against this bill and everything to lose by voting for it.

It’s becoming increasingly obvious that Trump’s principal impetus for his presidency, including the act of running for the office, is a deep personal animus toward Barack Obama. It has nothing whatsoever to do with policy, which he neither knows or cares anything about. Ever since that night at the Correspondents’ dinner when he got what he so richly deserved after the birther debacle, it’s been all about payback. He wants to reverse every accomplishment during the last eight years as revenge for that one-night embarrassment.

There is no mandate whatsoever to do this.

President Trump promised to repeal Obamacare and replace it with something much better under which costs would be lower and everybody would be covered. That is not what the Republican bill does, and so most Americans are against it. This Republican bill penalizes the poor, the working class, the middle class, and the elderly, and gives the rich a large tax cut. In the end, 25 million will lose their health insurance.

Market forces and free enterprise have no place in the provision of health care. Think about it. Private insurance companies exist to make profits for their shareholders. Why would an insurance company insure a person who is ill or maybe? They will exclude. The burden of caring for the ill is properly distributed across the population. Who should provide heath care the state or-or companies driven by the profit margin? The answer is obvious. Western democracies already know the answer and provide universal health care.

The horrifying thing is that Ryan’s initial plan was inadequate on so many levels, and now the GOP is actually fighting over how to make it an even worse one. For two reasons. To give the wealthiest a tax break and because even though Obama is no longer President, they despise him and the good policies he was able to put in place, the ACA included, despite their incessant obstruction. It is all unforgivable and the carnage that will ensue will do great damage to a great many people’s health and financial stability.

And Trump’s threats to those GOP Representatives opposed to the plan will lose their jobs seems to me to be off the mark; people don’t take things being taken away from them lightly and it’s easy to imagine that those who actually vote for the repeal will be the ones whose political careers are at risk.

Voting to take health care away for 24 million people and limit health care for the rest of the country is a new low. Especially for a congress that plans to give tax cuts to the wealthy next and cut programs the enrich the lives of all American’s, like keeping the air clean and Sesame Street. This health care bill plays with people’s lives. If the Republican congress votes in favor of it, it will result in the opposite of what Trump predicts, these Senators and Congressmen, will be thrown out in future elections by their own constituents.

Trump doesn’t care about the lives of the people who voted for him and neither does this congress if they vote in favor of this terrible health care bill. It will be their undoing.

President Obama got his healthcare bill passed. And he did not do it with threats or inane tweets. He did it with a lot of thought and compromise. He found out just how complicated it was. And what he put together gave everyone — insurance companies, political representatives, covered individuals — something they wanted. No one had everything, but it was viable and it worked.

That illustrates the difference between President Obama, a real leader, and Donald Trump, an uninformed bully.

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2 Comments on Trump On Healthcare: The Art of The Steal

  1. Jason, great post about the GOP-Trump fiasco health care bill… hopefully, it will be the undoing not only of Trump, but of the republican party!

  2. Yeah, I remember watching that correspondents dinner video with Obama showing “The Lion King” Funny as hell, but you could see Dump’s face–he kinda had a frozen smile like he was off in his head plotting a cheap shot to get back at Obama.

    the problem is, it’s gonna be a freaking expensive shot, the thin skinned little snot.

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