Devin Nunes, Contender For #1 Trump Sycophant In Congress

By Bobby M.

Just when we thought the biggest Trump sycophants in congress were Jason Chaffetz, Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan, a new contender tries to take that title. Representative Devin Nunes from California just sacrificed his own integrity and that of the House Intelligence Committee (for which he is the chairman) all in an effort to try and help Trump with his lie about Obama’s supposed wiretapping Trump Tower claim.

If you are not aware of what happened yesterday, Nunes briefed the White House and gave a report that said members of the transition team’s conversations with Trump were ‘incidentally’ recorded and that various intelligence agencies overstepped their their authority while doing so. As a former member of said transition team, Nunes just said it is more important to try and protect Trump than do his job for our country.

One would have to wonder if he broke the law as well in regards to the leaking of classified info in such a way? Some have made that claim, while others are saying Nunes himself needs to be investigated. Although I guess some of it is common knowledge considering:

  • Roger Stone admitted to speaking directly with the Russia hacker
  • Attorney General Jeff Sessions had an off the books meeting with a Russian diplomat
  • Campaign adviser Carter Page has numerous links to Russian businessmen and was caught meeting with a member of Putin’s administration over the summer
  • All the recent revelations regarding Paul Manafort, the 2nd campaign manager for Trump
  • Fired NSA Michael Flynn’s numerous connections to Russia

Over course those guys were going to be investigated, of which FBI Director James Comey announced this past Monday…an investigation that had been going on for months. That investigation was also looking into how there may have been collusion with the Trump campaign regarding the hacks by Russia to help him win.

But let us not forget, Trump said that Obama himself personally ordered that Trump Tower be wiretapped. No matter what Nunes said, that lie is not countered by the announcement. All it did was muddy the waters and give Trump an attempt to try and twist the facts. But when you take the claim itself into account, nothing is changed and we need to hope that mainstream media keeps a firm grasp on that concept.

Being that Nunes is from California, there is already a preference to vote blue when you take the entire state into account. The fact that he just proved that he has no integrity and showed that loyalty to a tyrant is cherished more than working for the people of this country, anyone that runs against him for his position in the House should have an easy job of beating him.


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