Twitter Isn’t Effective Governing

By Andrew Witzel

Trump loves Twitter!  The man is so addicted to Twitter that he is still using his commercial Android device.  He uses both his @realDonaldTrump and @POTUS accounts to fire off some of the most ridiculous statements.  Bad grammar and spelling aside, Twitter is not a vehicle for the effective governing of the United States.  It has to stop or at least have the equivalent of an Oscar or Grammy 10-second delay before the tweets go out to the world.

During a campaign-style rally on Monday in Louisville, Kentucky held largely to rally the GOP healthcare catastrophe, Trump switched gears mid-rally to cite a report that NFL owners were avoiding hiring Colin Kaepernick because they didn’t want to face negative tweets by Trump.

Our inner cities will find a rebirth of hope, safety and opportunity.  Your San Francisco quarterback, I’m sure nobody ever heard of him.

To think that Kaepernick’s inability to garner a position as a free agent is solely due to NFL owners fearing a Trump inspired Twitter rant is ridiculous.  Critics have been harsh about Kaepernick’s actions being unpatriotic and disrespectful to the people of this country.  Trump has gone on record as saying people who burn the flag should be jailed, therefore he claimed significant influence over the player’s current job status as his actions were just as bad as burning the American flag.

Reading through the Twitter feed of both of Trump’s accounts is difficult for people of even average intelligence.  They are negative, often accusatory and take jabs at everyone that is negative towards Trump directly or indirectly.  Twitter had around 317 million active users as of January 2017 …. around the world …. out of approximately 7 billion people.  Trump utilizes Twitter as his go-to platform to tweet storm from his toilet at 3am.  Facebook in comparison had 1.8 billion active users during the same time period.

Someone as unpredictable as Trump should not have control of any publicly accessible account without someone reviewing the content or subject matter.  Trump has gone on rants over the most insignificant topic merely because he felt personally offended, something disturbingly easy to do.  The President of the United States should be above reproach at all times.  Nothing to date has given the American people anything close to that impression.  Twitter will be a significant contributor in Trump’s inevitable crash and burn.


  1. I agree with all you wrote….then we live in this social media bubble and this was bound to happen……the problem is he is a egotistical butt that thinks his crap does not stink…look at his facial during speeches and then look at Mussolini…one in the same….look up a psych review of Benito and Trump will be very close. He will never relinquish control of his devices to anyone… we need to hold on it may get worse. chuq

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