Chief Architect of Obamacare Advises Trump on Healthcare Bill

By Dani Graham

Ezekiel Emanuel, the chief architect of Obamacare and a faithful ally of the former President has been advising President Trump and the GOP on their healthcare bill which will be voted on tomorrow. Although it was reported back in December that Emanuel would be meeting with Trump the extent of his involvement has only just recently come to light.

Emanual personally met with Trump on Monday along with Vice President Pence, Paul Ryan, Tom Price, Gary Cohn and Jared Kushner. This marked the third in-person meeting between the two men since Trump was elected. In between these meetings, Emanuel has regularly met with a number of Trump’s top advisors to discuss health care issues.

Promptly after winning the election, Trump began to modify his message on health care.  Although he campaigned on fully repealing and replacing Obamacare he was suddenly open to keeping many of the key aspects of the bill.

His change of heart transpired right around the time he reached out to Emanuel to set up a meeting.

Trump initially wanted to wait until after his inauguration to meet but Emanuel insisted they needed to meet sooner before Congress began making any headway in their efforts to repeal Obamacare. Emanuel warned Trump that if they succeeded in repealing and replacing the bill he helped to design that it would “tank” his presidency.

Emanuel warned Trump that if they succeeded in repealing and replacing the bill he helped to design that it would “tank” his presidency.

Even thought Emanuel was a major contributor in designing Obamacare he often maintained the that the bill needed improvements. He advocated amending the bill to address the challenges with health costs, affordability, limited coverage and quality of care.

Trump and the GOP seem to be in full crises mode as they scramble to get the votes necessary to pass the revised version of Obamacare, aka Trump/Ryancare. They are brazenly using any tactic necessary including, yet not limited to, threats and intimidation to get the results they seek.

Another more sinister angle to consider has this “crisis” been contrived in order to bring about a completely different result. Trump has historically been an advocate for single payer healthcare and there are many who are hypothesizing that if the GOP bill fails tomorrow it will pave the way for just that.

As a reminder, it was Ezekiel’s brother Rahm who once said to “never let a serious crises go to waste”.

Emanuel being a key advisor to this GOP driven health care bill should remove any lingering doubt that it is, in fact, a revision of Obamacare and not a repeal.






  1. If this is true, why isn’t it plastered all over the news? Republicans should be made aware of this betrayal…

    1. It is true. Just reported yesterday. The first meeting in Dec was reported by the New York Post but dismissed by Trumps people as him just getting all different ideas. All meetings since were kept secret until now. Just Google Ezekiel Emanuel Trump and you’ll see it being reported by every major outlet. Even Breitbart covered it and that is a pro Trump site.

      I agree they should feel betrayed and should be reaching out to their Senators to vote NO on this horrendous bill.

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