ICYMI News Roundup @ EatPrayVote.org: March 17th – 19th

By Bobby M.

In case you missed any of the news from March 17th through the 19th, here is a brief recap regarding much of what happened. Not everything will have a hyperlink, so if you would like more information, please highlight and google it.

After a weird meeting with Germany’s Angela Merkel on Friday, we had a mostly Trump-free weekend in regards to major news. This was a very welcoming change considering this past weekend was one of the most important times of the year regarding NCAA Basketball. March Madness 2017 opened with it’s field of 64 tournament games, where the most noteworthy upsets happened with the defending champion University of Villanova getting upset by Wisconsin, along with Duke going down to South Carolina. Beyond the numerous basketball games, social media was ablaze due to the death of rock and roll legend Chuck Berry at the age of 90. The rest of what is listed below may have been harder to hear details about…

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