No Quotes: Donald Trump Is a Reckless Liar

By Jason Taylor

Donald Trump tweeted the bogus wiretap allegation with full knowledge that it would be rejected by the intelligence community. He was counting on it. He is determined to create the perception of a menacing Deep State where none exists because his base responds viscerally when he is under attack. The more he is able to create a phantom enemy, the more he is able to justify that his powers should be increased. “Only I can save you.”

The recalcitrance of Nunes, Burr, Sessions and other Trump campaigners, as well as Republicans generally, to call Trump out on his repeated inanities has made it difficult to trust anything they may do or say now or going forward.

I am not much for conspiracy theories, but this administration is pushing us all to believe in crazy. So now I do wonder if the wiretapping diversions from the White House and any Republican “rebuke” of them especially from a Trump lackey in Congress aren’t all calculated maneuvers to divert from the real crises this administration and Congress are creating/facing. Moreover, Mr. Nunes and the White House can point to this so-called rebuke as evidence of “impartiality” if and when Nunes’ committee clears the administration, or at least Trump and/or Pence, of any illegality with respect to the administration’s Russian dealings.

One interpretation of Trump’s unfounded accusation of having been wiretapped could very well be that Trump knows things about himself and his closest associates that if known to national security officials would most definitely support an application to the FISA court for a foreign intelligence surveillance warrant on Trump’s home.

A recent example of guilty knowledge occurred at Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ Senate confirmation hearing when in response to Sen. Al Frankin’s question regarding Sessions’ willingness to commit to an investigation of Trump election campaign officials’ possible involvement with Russian FSB foreign intelligence operatives, Sessions volunteered an answer to a question that neither Sen. Frankin nor any other senator present at that hearing had asked, a statement exculpating himself regarding Sessions’ earlier contacts with Russian intelligence operatives which statement was both self-serving and demonstrably untrue. The coincidence that Sessions volunteered that false information under oath may yet get him indicted, but the point is that Sessions blurted out guilty knowledge.

Likewise, President Trump’s tweeted accusation raises the question of his own guilty knowledge. That accusation was false, but the larger question of whether Trump has guilty knowledge of actual grounds for a national security surveillance warrant is now front and center.

In a democracy such as ours, is there a point at which deliberate and repeated disinformation perpetrated by the ruling party becomes criminal? Trump’s ridiculous accusations that are tweeted or otherwise directed at the U.S. population is not free speech. It is crying “Fire” in a crowded theater. We’re still waiting to hear what “amazing things” his investigators in Hawaii found out about President Obama’s birth certificate. And what of those 3 to 5 million illegal immigrants who voted in the 2016 and denied Trump the popular vote? And now the wiretapping that’s not wiretapping, according to Spicer — we see a pattern here. There should be some punishment for repeatedly lying to the people of the United States of America.

“If the President’s tweet is to be taken literally…”

How are we supposed to take the President’s tweets? As jokes? As inane 5 am ramblings from an insomniac? As foolish ideas? As potential scripts for a tv show? When will Trump take his job seriously? As President, he can’t make off the cuff serious accusations. He says we will know more in two weeks. This is just another false promise. How many times has he promised us information, in two weeks, in three days, next Friday?

Does anyone believe this man? If so, why?

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  1. Once he’s lied, he should leave it there. As all liars ultimately find out, compounding a lie with more lies and explanations digs the hole deeper. He plays huis deflection game with it, but may inadvertently expand the lie so much an investigation of the Russian connection takes on a legal element he can’t like. (Crossing my fingers and toes!)

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