HahnAmerica Radio Preview: March 15th

By Bobby M.

Every Wednesday night, Jason Taylor, better known as @HahnAmerica and the founder of EatPrayVote.org hosts a radio show along with @ChuckNellis and his wife @laweez to discuss the week in politics. They each will give the point of view from a moderate, a conservative, and a liberal. You can catch the most recent episode when you follow this link (as well as its preview) and older podcasts can be found here.

Here are some of the possible topics that I hope they discuss tonight…

  • The GOP healthcare replacement plan is out and nobody other than the most brainwashed sycophants like it. The non-partisan Congressional Budget Office reported that 24 million people would lose coverage if it is implemented. Will republicans figure out that the best thing to do is just improve the current plan, as well as call it by its formal name of Affordable Care Act as opposed to the slang name of Obamacare (many hate it just because of that name)
  • Between coming up with a bad healthcare plan and doing nothing towards a racist (Iowa’s Steve King) who works under him, at least people are figuring out that Paul Ryan does not work for the people and is more concerned with tax breaks for the super rich
  • Speaking of members of the GOP showing off any spirit, Rep Devin Nunes from California has said there is no evidence behind Trump’s lie about being wiretapped. Now if they will get him to actually apologize or retract the statement (good luck)
  • Senator Tom Cotton also showed a little backbone as well when he tried to tell the House to not pass the GOP healthcare bill
  • The wiretap claim was just more redirection to keep focus off of Jeff Sessions lying about Russia and a bad healthcare plan
  • Was the recent tax thing on MSNBC by Rachel Maddow also misdirection? It was hyped strongly, but really did not do anything regarding hurting Trump. In fact, some people think maybe he himself had those pages from his 2005 taxes leaked
  • Why isn’t anyone talking about Michael Flynn’s ties to Turkey? The administration knew about the connection, but Trump himself said he did not
  • Same thing with Roger Stone. He was forced to admit he was in direct contact with the Russian hacker connected to the DNC leaks. That too should be in the mainstream consciousness of the American population
  • The public is inundating the EPA office with calls due to comments about carbon dioxide’s effect on climate change by the department’s new Secretary, Scott Pruitt. This is happening the same time that a report came out that carbon dioxide levels are at record highs
  •  Saturday Night Live really hit Ivanka Trump hard regarding how she is complicit with every horrible thing her father does and says
  • Alec Baldwin may stop doing his Trump impression on SNL. Hopefully not anytime soon
  • The latest version of the Muslim travel ban has been frozen by a federal judge in Hawaii. Wonder what Trump’s reaction on Twitter will be to that?

These things and many others may be talked about on their show. A preview of the show can be read about here. Tune in and see, or better yet, call in and ask for yourself.

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