By Randy Deabay

Microwaves, hairdryers, Wikileaks, #alternative facts, Universities and more. One can quickly see the need for something more than an arrogant court jester as POTUS. Conspiracies with cameras in microwaves is the latest in a long list of adventures in this, the never ending saga of ignorance and illogical diatribes.

America can pinpoint to hundreds of times that Donald J. Trump has more than gone over the proverbial cliff, but the fact is there is no man, or woman of adult age that can intellectually state that Donald Trump is mature enough, intelligent enough, or ready to be the POTUS.

For Republicans, that for years, had pride in stating their party is Conservative, can no longer dispense that as accurate. Donald is everything, but Conservative. He is liberal in his long-term belief in abortion, he is communistic in attempting to control media and peaceful protests, he is bigoted for he is doing everything he can do to point out one religion as the one to ban. Donald proves his bigotry with his never-ending supply of supremacist groups worldwide, not just nationally. Donald is a nationalist, for he does not believe in the Constitution or a conservative that espouses small government with little interruption into an individual’s life.

Plainly stated one can unequivocally stipulate that Donald Trump is a “great talker but a little doer” to quote a famous French saying. He says he wants to make America great again, favor economic growth and jobs, but has a record of losing businesses, cheating the average American out of hard earned income, and hiring H1B immigrants to replace American workers, all the while he contracts his clothing line to China and other overseas countries.

Donald shows prominent characteristics of a dictator, and he uses government might to fulfill his personal ambitions. You might have heard of Vera Coking, a retired widow from Atlantic City who fought against Trump’s bullying. She refused to sell her house so Trump could build a parking lot as part of his estate development in the area. Trump tried to use eminent domain but ultimately lost.

Finally, conservatives are supposed to support smaller government and want fewer restrictions everywhere in the economy. Not Donald Trump. Donald threatens businesses and then promises discounted taxes in the same speech. If one was to ask Donald the difference between microeconomics and macroeconomics, he would not be able to discuss fluently any intellectual discord.

Today, as in every day since taking the Oath of Office, Donald Trump has proven that he is by no means a leader, principled, intellectual in government, or has anything above a mere sprinkling of morality.

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