What’s in a Name?

By Oletta Branstiter

In honor of St. Patrick’s Day, named after a Roman Catholic interloper credited with driving the “snakes” out of Ireland, I became curious about the origin of countries’ names.

Ireland, contrary to linguistic assumptions, does not mean “Land of Ire”. The name Ire is a distortion of the name of the goddess, Ériu. Ireland was a maternal society, whose worship honored the Female influence of all aspects of life and eternity. Obviously, the patriarchal Romans had to put a stop to that!

What about Germany, originally named Deutschland? The Romans (again) renamed this northern European nation Germania after their pet tribe in the area. The nationals themselves refer to their country as Deutschland, meaning “land of the people”.

Iceland was named to fool marauding hordes from overtaking the green paradise settled by the Vikings (take that, you gullible Romans!), while the floating ice cube Greenland was offered as a deceptive distraction.

Finland seems to have been named either in regard to the high Germanic term finthan, meaning “find”, as in “Oh, look, my fellow Swedish Christians! Another land to conquer for Christendom!” or vende, meaning “wanderer”, as in, “These rascals are hard to pin down! They won’t suit a Roman conquest at all!”

Poland refers to “people of the fields”. Swaziland pays homage to the Kingdom of Eswatini. Thailand means “land of the human being”. Switzerland is derived from the original land called Schwyz – meaning either strength in German or clearing, according to the Celts. The Netherlands is self-explanatory, as in, “Who’s gonna bother us here in the nether lands?”

So, what is the origin of the U.S.A.? We broke free from British rule, rejected a colonial existence and embraced the idea of being the United States of the land of America.

Have we retained our original identity, or are we experiencing the historically inevitable conquest by hostile forces? While our nation successfully repelled repeated early attempts by the British to regain our territory, recent decades have exposed our vulnerability when it comes to invading ideologies.

Originally, We the People were united on the founding principles of Limited Government, Individual Liberty, Personal Responsibility, National Security, and Free Enterprise. Lately, they are being compromised by the marauding theories of Socialism. In spite of historic failures, Collectivism is being foisted upon the American people one legislative action at a time.

Will we reject the invasion? Do we have weapons against a conquering ideology? They don’t look like swords and guns. We’re pretty good at taking up arms against a flesh and blood enemy. Are we still united on our founding principles? Because these are what we are protecting. Or, have our allegiances been divided- fractured in support of selfishness and victimhood, content to have a ruler decide and provide our sustenance? Have we slowly abandoned devotion to our principles of independence? Are enough of US willing to defend them?

Maybe not. Maybe that’s why we haven’t girded ourselves with the armament to protect them. We’ve even forgotten and forsaken the warnings of our national forefathers. In various terms and practical applications, our founders and framers admonished future Americans that “Vigilance is the price of Liberty”. They wrote at length about how only a moral and religious people were worthy of keeping a Republic designed to protect their unalienable rights. Education provided by religious institutions was encouraged to maintain the high standards of character willing to devote their lives to the kind of vigilance needed to defend Liberty at all costs.

What happened to the Sons and Daughters of Liberty? Where are the Rebels of our time, willing to fight the enemy? Where are the feisty Thomas Paynes of the 21st century, who would cry, “I prefer peace! But if trouble must come, let it come in my time, so that my children may live in peace.”
Well, it’s here, folks, Trouble with a capital T. The United States must drive out the snakes that have invaded our nation. What are We the People going to do about it?

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