Restoring a Constitution We Know

By Oletta Branstiter

Our nation’s founders and framers of the Constitution established a form of government for the purpose of protecting our unalienable rights. This was a new idea.

As sovereign individuals, we are born with all rights. With every law passed, our freedoms are restricted and our tax dollars pay to enforce those restrictions. According to the Library of Congress, we now have more federal laws than anyone can count.

Our job as Patriots is to preserve, protect and defend that Constitution. First, we’ve got to restore it. To do that, we must know it and teach it to others so that our forces grow. If we don’t want our country to devolve into tyranny under the rule of man, we must know, understand and guard our rule of law.

The U.S. Constitution has seven short Articles. Use this mnemonic to remember what they are: LEJSASR – Legislative, Executive, Judicial, States, Amendments, Supremacy, Ratification

Article 1 defines the Legislative Branch as a House of Representatives and Senate to write and pass federal laws.

Article 2 tells us that the Executive Branch puts those laws into effect.

Article 3 says that the Judicial Branch determines the Constitutional validity of those laws.

The three branches of government are separate but equal.

Article 4 describes the sovereignty of the States.

Article 5 outlines the process of making Amendments to the Constitution.

Article 6 defines the Supremacy of the Constitution as the rule of law.

Article 7 states that the Constitution was Ratified by the requisite states.

Now that you know it, you should teach it to others, especially the next generation. Do you have children or young adults in your life? Introduce them to iCivics,  Constituting America, and search Google to find U.S. Constitution online games and board games.

Dedicate a wall in your home, church or local school to display a giant graphic depicting our government as a large federal building. Start with the Bedrock, teaching your students that our government was founded on the Natural Law of Unalienable Rights: Life, Liberty, and Property. Add a layer of bricks representing the original federal laws from Article 1, Section 8. Atop the bricks, erect 5 Pillars of Principles: Limited Government, Individual Liberty, Personal Responsibility, National Security, and Free Enterprise. Finish with a roof containing the three branches of government.

For older students and adults, share the following video of a PowerPoint presentation. Pause at each frame for a full reading and discussion. Play Ray Charles America, the Beautiful before beginning. End the presentation by standing up to Madison Rising’s Star-Spangled Banner.

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  1. The articles are placed in the order of importance. No one of the Founding Fathers wanted a king. Article I is first not only numerically first but is first in important. These were very bright people. How far we diminished in intellect and caring.

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