HR 1313: Forced DNA Testing of Employees

By Randy Deabay

Your employer wants you to get a genetic test. You politely decline because you consider it a gross infringement of privacy. Well, too bad—your monthly health insurance payments just spiked 30%. So now, once again our freedoms, our right to privacy, and the right to undue physical harm will be brought down upon each and every working American. For what purpose might this be worthy of removing the American rights preserved by the Constitution, and by the forefather’s ideals? This is pure communism in the worst manner possible. Again, what will be next, illegal search and seizures of homes, the removal of freedom of speech, encampments for those who speak up? Where does the American citizen say enough is enough?

According to Fortune:

This could be the reality under HR 1313, the Preserving Employee Wellness Programs Act, a House GOP-sponsored bill that would essentially allow companies with workplace wellness programs to demand your genetic information (or force you to pay a big penalty).

The legislation has now passed a House committee on a straight party-line vote, reports STAT News, with all 22 Republicans unified in support against 17 Democratic detractors. The bill is expected to be latched on to a second Obamacare-related legislative effort that will be a follow-up to the main GOP health care plan now working its way through Congress.

Currently, employers with ostensibly voluntary workplace wellness programs can force their workers to pay 30% more (and up to 50% more for smokers) toward their company-provided health insurance benefits if they choose not to participate – provisions that were actually passed as a part of Obamacare and then cemented by the Obama administration’s Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC). The wellness programs typically include basic biometric screenings, access to gym memberships, and health care-related questionnaires.

With all laws and substantial motions created by this Congress and POTUS, they have not done their homework, and are about to stomp specific protections into the ground and grind them in. But two older, milestone laws don’t allow these wellness programs to include genetic testing: the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and the 2008 Genetic Information Nondiscrimination Act (GINA). These laws bar employers from even asking workers to undergo a genetic test.

Now one more thing that many people are overlooking, and that is to gather everyone’s DNA, andex-machina-movie-artificial-intelligence-robot for what reason? This is a pure invasion of one’s person, and search and seizure without a cause!! What will the medical companies, let alone employers do with the DNA and genetic testing? One can only begin to discuss all of the terrible ways that this could be used, from genetic manipulation to population control, and so on. This invasion into a person’s personal medical stats cannot go and cannot be utilized for any reason. The American citizen MUST demand this to never occur!!!

We cannot allow the manipulation to the point of being forced into white clothing, and a specific look and mental thought process so that the NWO can exist. No longer can the American populace sit back and accept the lies and backroom deals that are being promulgated from a group of criminally insatiated politicians.

Employers say they need the changes because those two landmark laws are “not aligned in a consistent manner” with laws about workplace wellness programs, as an employer group said in congressional testimony last week. Frankly, no American should care in this case what employers want. This is blatant control measures to try and lower their cost, plus it will inevitably begin a national DNA registry. Employers with their ability to check your background, your credit worthiness, and more recent your online activity are stepping over the divide between employer and personal life.

The employers whined, like the current POTUS and got the ACA to allow them to charge employees 30 percent, and possibly 50 percent, more for health insurance if they declined to participate in the “voluntary” programs, which typically include cholesterol and other screenings; health questionnaires that ask about personal habits, including plans to get pregnant; and sometimes weight loss and smoking cessation, classes.

Americans today continue to sit back quietly and allow the elites of society and politics to control their lives. Where is that Revolutionary attitude and desire that they once had? Where is the American spirit of fighting for integrity, morals, and a principled Constitutional desire to live happily in unity? The government is slowly legislating it away unless every American says stop!!!

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