By Jason Taylor

Trumped by Obamacare. Like everything else about Donald’s administration, he Ducks any responsibility or participation, because his memory is too limited and interest even more so. All of which makes him the Quack-in-Chief, the Twit Twat Tweet-o-Sphere Commander in Chief. When Trumpcare manifestly proves not a fix to, but far worse than, the Affordable Care Act, who’s going to know? Republicans will crow its “success” to high heaven. Republicans are masters of Orwellian doublespeak, with Paul Ryan actually calling this replacement TrumpCare/SwampCare bill as “an act of mercy.”

The Republican objection to the Affordable Care Act (ACA)has always been two-fold. First, it was the signature achievement of President Obama despite every effort by the Republicans to defeat it, and secondly, and probably more importantly to the Republican Power structure, is that it raised taxes on the wealthy. Now that people have begun to see how this transfer of GDP money from the wealthy to the rest has benefitted themselves, they are reluctant to give it back. Which is why the Republicans fought so hard to defeat it in the first place.

It is not surprising that the Republican replacement plan would address both of these issues. It is trying to appease those who now want to keep their ACA policy subsidies and reverse the tax transfer back to the wealthy. The only way to do this is with deficit spending. The real question is how to disguise the deficit increase. Deny that there is one, discredit the CBO report, or reduce the subsidies to the health care insurance for those that cannot afford to pay the full cost and risk their ire. The only real way to provide adequate health care to all the people is Medicare for all, every other respectable country in the world has it, why not us? Why must we have the most incarcerated, homeless, and unhealthy population in the world while being the wealthiest country in the world? Because we vote Republican’s into office at all levels of government.

The whole idea of denying affordable care to the old, the poor and the sick is so morally and ethically bankrupt that you have to wonder why they pursue it with such single-minded zeal. It’s as though a bunch of high-functioning sociopaths got together and came up with a way to justify their money-grubbing greed on the backs of the needy. They’re not ashamed of it. It’s their brand.

And it works. Lots of people subscribe to the welfare queen myth, in which the poor are living high on the hog eating government cheese and collecting undeserved benefits. Mitt Romney committed the unpardonable sin of actually mentioning it on tape, but the idea of moochers and takers plays big in the heartland. It’s all the information that the low-information voter needs.

Now Republicans will replace Obamacare with “DEATHCARE”, and will push it through in the dead of night without waiting for the cost to be calculated. You’d think Paul Ryan, proclaimed policy wonk, would be interested in the numbers, but he’s more than happy to fill in the blanks with asterisks.

It’s astounding beyond words that Paul Ryan, basset hound eyes and all, has the effrontery to explain charts and graphs that are naught but the signpost that reads “abandon health all ye who enter here.” Donald Trump, who never met a problem, “complex” or otherwise, that he was never too lazy to solve, is cheerfully putting the now-fearful weight of an office that once had prestige attached to it behind this mind-blowing admission that, yes, America, “you now have our permission to drop dead — literally and figuratively — if you can’t afford health care.”

The older white demographic, the aging Reagan conservatives who bought into his nihilistic vision of an uncaring society that only existed to punish the poor and non-white, are on the verge of joining those they’ve despised all their lives on the Ryan Express, the one whose rails lead toward the cliff-face from which there is no returning.

And neither he nor his (and their) president are on that deadly Ryan Express. No; they’re partying like it’s 1861 at Mar-a-Lago. Only the 1% are welcome. That doesn’t mean you.

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