Microcosm Of Trump Absurdity Seen In The Jobs Report

By Bobby M.

That man will do anything he can to take the credit from others; including doing a complete reversal on a previous talking point. This was all proven recently when the latest jobs reports numbers came out showing that 235K new jobs were added last month.

When Trump was a private citizen, he would constantly criticize Obama at any turn when it came to the released statistics on job growth. He would yammer on and on about how those numbers were a a lie and that federal agencies adjusted things all in an effort to make the current administration look better. That lying rhetoric was at full blast during the presidential campaign as part of an effort to trick his supporters into thinking he could do better if he could con them into getting him elected. So now that he is in office, the con job takes a different approach.

Trump could not (more like would not) explain why the job growth numbers now are correct as opposed to his previous talking point. Why, because it fits into the narrative he tries to portray to people. He cannot have it both ways regarding his talk before being legitimized about Obama’s false numbers and now how those same metrics being used on something to toot his own horn about.

Besides, what does he have to be proud about anyway? He has not done anything regarding economic policies. He has focused too much on things related to racial bias and other non-economic orders instead. Any good reports on job growth are due to the system and the people Obama had in place during his eight years in office. Trump has not even been in the charge for two months (with much of that time spent on vacations to Florida). Apparently the lessons he learned from the fraudulent Trump University are now being used against the populace of America.

That is the type of person now leading our country. He will change his lies to suit his interests at the drop of a hat. All that matters to him is hopes of good optics and he does not care if he is stealing credit from others in doing so. He’ll even get his subordinates to further the narrative, while not caring if they break rules when doing so.  Our media needs to hammer him on both the reversal and taking credit for Obama’s policies. Doing anything less than completely slamming him on those two things means that they are still too intimidated to do the job as they are the only institute that can protect the people from Trump turning into the next Putin.

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  1. Wow–I’m down for the count a couple of days and I miss a world of crap! That’s something everybody forgets when it comes to the economy and the presidency, and it’s painfully highlighted here (thanks for writing). Economics takes a while, but we’re impatient people. So any good or bad tings will fall under who is in charge at the time, with that first or last year a convenient buffer zone for saying good about the self, bad about the other, etc.
    An election isn’t an instant fix-it. What sucks is the stabilizing under Obama’s time, if it continues to be good, will end up being Trump’s victory because his big believers will say it’s so. This is such a tiring song and dance. And people wonder why I didn’t want to teach government and economics classes…unless i could rewrite the curriculum to make them overlap better…and with reality.

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