The Trump Administrations Apparent Collusion With Russia Isn’t Going Away

By Jason Taylor

It is mind boggling how quickly Republicans shifted from distrust of Russia and awareness that Putin does not have our best interests at heart in his actions, to shrugging off the proven disruption of our election that struck at the very heart of our democracy, by affecting at least to some degree the outcome of the election of President.

In the days leading up to the GOP convention, Trump had one — just one — amendment he wanted to change in the GOP platform: The sanctions against Russia was to be lifted and Russia’s invasion and annexation of Crimea to be accepted.The fact that these backroom dealings also coincided with what we now know, that several meetings took place between the Trump team and Russian officials during those days are a huge red flag.

Putin is a KGB agent. His training in the KGB has given him the ability to consolidate his power in the Kremlin so that he is unchallenged for that power. This was possible not because of coincidence or chance, but from careful and long-term planning, playing the proverbial “Long Game”.

Follow the money. Trump was an asset that was easily acquired. His High-Profile public persona along with his business troubles gave Putin easy access to Trump. Investigate all of the people who have invested in Trump properties and the timeliness of those investments. When you begin to see how these monies came just when Trump business need it most the rest becomes obvious.

It is not so difficult to believe that those persons who gave Trump the money he needed to bail himself out did not also ask for certain favors. Putin, being the cagy KGB man, would not make any requests of Trump that would seem untoward, just enough to make him a willing asset in the attempt to throw our country into disorder. Trump’s well-known ego, along with his money problems, made him an easy acquisition.

The circumstantial evidence is extremely strong the Trump campaign colluded with the Russians to steal the election. Trumps taxes will easily prove The ties to Russia are indisputable.

It is apparent that the chickens are coming home to roost, It appears that despite political obfuscation at the top, the law enforcement agencies of the US government will continue to do their duty in the true interests of the American people. It appears that there will be enough congressmen and senators with a conscience that the truth will come out. Democrats will never sit still for a coverup. If so, it is very possible that this will explode into one of the biggest scandals in US history.

But what I suspect is this: It is also possible that Trump and his followers knew that this day would come and that all this would eventually be brought to the light of day. That being the case, could it be that their attempts to delegitimize the media, particularly the New York Times and CNN, are simply an attempt to prepare the battlefield for the war ahead?

If 44% of the American public is dumb enough to follow Trump right or wrong, could it be that the Trump administration is simply preparing the minds of his devotees so that they will be trained and pre-brainwashed enough, such that when the proof is finally found and reported showing his collusion with enemies of the US, his followers will simply reject it as fake news and continue to support him? I have no doubt that they would.

The Russia issue must be examined immediately, and an organized movement is needed to make it happen. We all have to step up. Trump, who has no mandate, trashes America’s constitutional and broader institutional order to protect the dominance of his own obvious incompetence. Eager to use his legislative pen to advance cruel policies ignoring the glaring needs of the poor, the middle class, and the environment to preserve their victory in the class war they’ve won in favor of the wealthy, Republican leaders ignore this national crisis. One option is to smugly await the Republicans’ owning the tragic consequences. A better choice is to rise up to affirm the best American values. Those values demand that the government that works for all of us serve the common good.

Trump can either put up any evidence like his taxes and insist on as many private investigative hearings as necessary to prove his innocence or shut up and continue to deny, deflect, blame and play the hapless victim here which presumes he is guilty of treason and must be imprisoned.

I am very afraid about how Donald Trump and his cabinet might affect this country’s sense of natural order, but in the back of my head I keep words of advice passed on from my wonderful grandmother: “The truth will always come out.”

I don’t know when, and I don’t know how. It might be two weeks from now or two years from now. But a ship built as poorly as Donald Trump’s will eventually sink. And when it does, it will hopefully bring with it the deficient members of the GOP who have hung on for dear, desperate life.

The truth will set the United States free. And the truth will eventually come out.

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  1. Dems need to stop moping over their loss first, learn from this election what their mistakes were and how things got to this point. But they need to pull their heads out of their asses and look around. Take a deep breath and go ahead. It’s getting stupider and stupider on the hill and all around it, so they’d better be prepared to come out smart. We’ve got enough kow-towing automatons trying to figure out where they stand with this administration and not speaking. Dems need to educate themselves and go ahead. I admit, I haven’t had a chance to see the news in forever, but haven’t heard much of anything about what Dems are doing right now. They need to keep their eyes and ears open.

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