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An Open Letter To The Congressional Freedom Caucus


By L Adrianna

Dear Members of the Congressional Freedom Caucus,

In 2010, conservative voters gave Republicans the House. In 2014, we gave you the Senate. In 2016, to the horror of many conservatives, a lifelong progressive won the election as the “Republican” party’s nominee.

Conservatives are not oblivious to Donald Trump’s wildly contradictory healthcare campaign rhetoric. We know, just as Congress knows, that he declared his support for universal healthcare many times throughout his Presidential campaign.

In contrast, at rallies and on the debate stage, he poorly parroted conservative healthcare talking points that deceptively suggested a return of healthcare to the free market.

We are also aware that the POTUS supports the GOP Obamacare replacement bill in it’s current form, and has scheduled rallies to garner support for it, while publicly “daring” those who oppose it, to “vote against him.” We would like to remind you that you are in Washington to represent the people, not the President or his agenda.

Conservative Americans would like to extend our undying gratitude to each and every member of the Freedom Caucus for your stand against the disastrous American Healthcare Act. You have our unwavering support in your fight for the full repeal of Obamacare and for your fierce rejection to the GOP’s inauspicious replacement proposal.

We insist that you continue your efforts to fully repeal Obamacare and return healthcare back to the free market and to the people. This is a battle for future generations of Americans that must be won. Senator Mike Lee, in a recent interview, asked for Americans to engage. Conservatives would like to assure you that we are fully engaged and prepared to do whatever necessary to assist you in this battle.

The Republicans who compromise the promises that they made to us, must know that across America we will rise up. We are prepared to wage this battle locally and nationally in the streets and at the ballot box in 2018.  Anything less than a FULL REPEAL and an iterative return of healthcare to the free market is unacceptable.

Conservatives elected Republicans who, from coast to coast, vowed that they would fight to repeal Obamacare. We elected them and, over and over again, they have failed us. We gave them everything they need to fulfill their promise to us. We encourage members of the Congressional Freedom Caucus, do not let them fail us again.


Conservatives united with the Congressional Freedom Caucus



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Lita is a rock ribbed conservative from rural Georgia. She is the former State Director of Lone Star Liberty-Georgia, a freelance writer, founder of The Conservative Bullhorn and Conservatives United Against Progressivism. She is also a lifelong pro-life, constitutional rights activist. She is the mother of 3, a Christian, gun enthusiast and enjoys playing guitar. She has organized efforts in Georgia to fight back against special interest groups and government officials who have sought to limit our individual freedoms. She fought on behalf of Georgia Charter Schools and organized a get out the vote effort on a referendum that defeated special interest lobbying overwhelmingly. She distributed petitions and organized support to fight the Georgia Governor’s veto of RFRA (Religious Freedom Restoration Act) and his veto of the Open Carry Campus Bill. She continues to push back against the liberal special interest groups and the state and national elected officials who threaten Georgia’s individual freedoms. “The fight for liberty never ends.” -Ted Cruz

1 Comment on An Open Letter To The Congressional Freedom Caucus

  1. Ellen Elmore // March 10, 2017 at 10:46 pm // Reply

    I am in 100% agreement with you. Trumpcare is almost as bad as Obamacare. The only difference is the current president has an R next to his name. We all should be calling the Freedom Caucus members to encourage them to stand strong against this terrible health care bill. Without their resistance Trumpcare will become the law of the land.

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