Our Only Hope is To Repeal And Replace Republicans

By Jason Taylor

Paul Ryan The Archbishop of the Church of Ayn Rand runs it up the flagpole one more time. He lies, he exaggerates, he conflates and confuses. He must have graduated from Trump University. All this energy being put into repealing and replacing…when they could just do some tweaking and tinkering. It’s sickening.

I hope that those who voted for Trump, once affected by this ridiculous bill, see what he and his billionaire cronies really stand for — for themselves and for lining the pockets of people just like them. It does nothing for American people.

The person who blindsided poor folks by saying he understands them and will drain the swamp is a liar through and through, and the people he picked to lead this country. It underscores couple of important things — America has to educate (and make education affordable) its masses and two, those who blindly believe in Trump and continue to, will stand to lose hell of a lot more than people who didn’t vote for him, because they knew he is exactly the nightmare we wanted to avoid.

“[Trump] said he was prepared to pressure holdout senators by holding the kind of stadium-style rallies he led during his presidential campaign.”

Yeah. There’s kind of a cultural precedent at play here for those “stadium-style rallies.” They were not uncommon in Germany in the 1930s. I’m sure Team Donald is perfectly well aware of this and even finds it amusing: it will play well with their base, for one thing.

Republicans, in the end, will almost certainly fall into line, because they don’t dare not to. The dark money forces represented by men like Charles Koch have already made it clear that they are prepared to primary (or worse, bring down by scandal) any legislators who don’t get with the program: and I cannot think of a single member of the Republican caucus in either House or Senate (I’ll give Ben Sasse and Rand Paul credit for speaking up) who has shown anything resembling civic courage.

It will take the United States a century or more to recover from the disaster about to be inflicted on it economically, culturally, and politically by the Republican Party and their president. And that’s assuming that Democrats can even figure out some means to fight their way back in the era of voter suppression, fake news, Cambridge Analytica, and, of course, “stadium-style rallies.”

I guess those Republican lawmakers who went to college missed the lecture on James Davis’ J-curve theory of revolution. They may wish to revisit it — they may find it somewhat instructive to review before they proceed in their headlong rush to destroy the welfare and health of millions of people. Spoiler alert: it never ends well.

Here’s the Cliff Notes version:

“(W)e are most likely to find revolutions where a period of improving economic and social conditions is followed by a short, sharp reversal in those conditions. Thus it is not the traditionally most downtrodden people — who have come to see their deprivation as part of the natural order of things — who are especially liable to revolt. Instead, revolutionaries are more likely to be those who have been given at least some taste of a better life.”

I guess it’s all very simple at the end of the day. All republicans are wealthy, fully employed and everything is just hunky dory in their perfect world. The rest of the people are simply wrong, ignorant and, obviously just dead wrong, slothful and lazy and so out of touch with reality, not to mention, ungrateful and the unable to appreciate how great the republicans are. Oh, to live a perfect world.

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