An American Story: Stage 4 Liver Failure And The Health Care Fiasco.

By Randy Deabay

America stands on a very dangerous precipice with the healthcare acts it is trying to introduce, which has no Constitutionality to their merits. As America stands ready to battle the nuances of the new and utterly comparable Trump Care to the Obama Care, a stage four liver failure patient awakens at 6 am daily to go put in a ten-hour day at the office.

This new program, like the old one, does nothing for this lower-middle-income American, for he cannot afford to go without insurance, but gets no extra discount for being permanently disabled and waiting faithfully for the day that he can be included on the national donor registry recipient list.

October 4, 2010, it was a cool dry day in Northern Maine and this 48-year-old stage four liver failure American discovers that his case of bathroom adventures has turned into bloody stools. After a frantic call to 911, and a quick trip to the local hospital 15 miles away, it is discovered that there is a severe loss of blood occurring. After a life flight to a much more sophisticated hospital, the American continues to remove his blood from his stomach to the tune of two nurses doing all they could do to assist with holding trays to catch the blood that was coming out.

The option was frightening. Death by bleeding to death, putting an object down the throat that was a combination rubber chicken, metal stretch man tool, or a new elective surgery of cauterizing the bleeding esophageal varices and tying them off. The latter was chosen. The surgery went well, and the American patient was told that he lost 56% of his blood due to 6 of those small microscopic varices.

For every stage four diseased liver, there is a MELD score that must be met to be put on the donation list, and it has to be over 23. This MELD score is determined randomly by what a group of politicians decides is acceptable, from pain level to liver function, the ability to filter the blood and so on. There are several issues to This MELD score which is randomly decided by the federal government to control vital organ donations. To-date, this American constitutionalist still has not met that level. So for him, there is no transplant in the near future.

The Obama Care, Affordable Care Act (ACA) nor the Trump care, version 2.0 of ACA does nothing for this American. I was able to buy insurance 60 days on an insurance policy through my employer, and today it is 30 days. The biggest issue is that the deductible for office visits increased from $10.00 per doctor visit to up to $50.00 per visit and from $100.00 emergency room deductible to a $400.00 deductible.

The ACA, which is not a guaranteed health care, but a poorly managed health insurance leaves much to the purchaser to pay for. The deductibles increased, and in many cases now must be paid in full before any discounts occur, where before the ACA and ACA 2.0, one would pay the usual 20% of each bill. For an American who went from making upwards of $200,000.00 now to making 25,000.00, it has definitively divorced reality from rhetoric and wishes. If this writer, Constitutionalist who has worked all his life, can go completely bankrupt today due to medical expenses when prior to the ACA, he could make some attempt and not have such a travesty occur.

C6Upv1TXMAEwzpK (1) I also have discovered that once you are in a hospital, many of them will not allow you to leave if you cannot provide evidence of insurance or method of payment. This is criminal at best, and unconstitutional at worst. Insulting a low income or lower middle-income person by charging them a 30% surcharge if they go without insurance for 63 days is ridiculous. Has anyone seen the economy, heard the number of people that have given up on looking for a job? You are penalizing them for attempting to put food on the table, a roof over their head, and gas in their car to stay looking for work or working, even if they cannot afford to pay for health insurance. This is outrageous, to say the least. Using tax credit and not real dollars is doing nothing for those who pay no income tax, so it is a red herring, used to make some politician feel good, but not assist the actual needy. This new ACA 2.0 or the AHCA is sadly lacking the needed adjusting.

In addition to less Medicaid and more expensive plans with less federal support, the GOP plan also allows insurance companies to offer less generous plans to sick Americans and allows insurance companies to charge older Americans more, both of which are likely to hit poor Americans the hardest as quality plans become less affordable.

Americans need to have interstate access for more competition, which can be controlled by the Federal Government according to the Constitution, and to allow each state to originate a program to take care of the poor, the aged, and the pre-existing conditions patients. Medicare and Medicaid are all parts of the SSI program and need to be brought in line appropriately to allocate to each state.

For this writer personally, intellectually, and neighborly, the American Healthcare Act is a loser before it is even introduced into legislation. For an in-depth article concerning the keeps and repeals of ACA by AHCA you can read:


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