Over The Cliff With TrumpCare

By Janice Barlow


I do not like this health care plan.

It sounds the same, under another brand

Because it’s not “repeal and replace”,

It will come back and bite them in the face.

I do not like this health care plan Sam I am.

Remember when Ted Cruz held a 21 hour filibuster against Obamacare in September of 2013? How can we forget? We were amazed. Some of us were so proud of the Texas Senator, who took a break during his stand-alone pointed argument to read “Green Eggs and Ham” to his daughter from the Senate floor.

A line has been drawn in the sand.

It was coming. The people on the conservative side of Trump’s base did not want to see it or believe it would really happen, but many of us knew it was inevitable. With the announcement of the new and improved version of Obamacare, the Republicans failed to keep their commitment of “repeal and replace” yesterday.

Many conservative Trump supporters will attempt to pin the content of the bill on Paul Ryan, whom they say is the one who should own it, not Trump. But Trump is the POTUS, and he wholeheartedly backs the new health care proposal. There is no dissonance. Obamacare was not drafted by Barack, but he fully took credit for it. It’s what presidents do. So now we have a liberal health care bill drafted by Republicans and a dilemma for Trump-supporting conservatives. Do they continue to back him, push the blame elsewhere, or finally leave the camp?

Ted Cruz tweeted on March 3rd for a full repeal and replace. It is doubtful that he would give an approval vote to this bill. If he did so, it would be seen as a consummate flip-flop by true conservatives who so admired his veracity with the filibuster. Ted Cruz has two types of supporters: The ones who gladly embrace Trump because they think Cruz has done so, and the ones who remain NeverTrump but want Ted to pick up where he left off by voicing his beliefs in conservatism and liberty. He really has no choice in the matter now. He was the rallying force against Obamacare and he needs to continue to be strong against this revamped version.

It is on conservatives to leave the Trump camp now if they are truly behind the principles espoused by Cruz. At the least, they need to agree that the tweaked healthcare plan on the table is a huge disappointment. It is not what was promised by a long shot.

Conservatives need a voice in Washington.

The RINO’s have drifted notably to the left and the conservative base has been glaringly silent. Silence is not an option. It’s time. The awakening has come and not a moment too soon! The people who love Ted Cruz and voted for Trump or stepped in line behind him simply because Cruz seemed to align himself with the president, must now choose. Will they hold the president’s feet to the fire like independent thinking Americans should, or will they keep pushing the envelope to the left for a control freak Tweeter-in-Chief?

This is a time for choosing and accountability, not a time for cowardice. Are you willing to stand apart like Ted Cruz, or go over the cliff with those that choose Trump over principle?



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  1. They (the Republicans) mess with it, they buy it. I suspect the result will be called Trumpcare, especially if they muck it up, leaving poor, old, and sick in the ashes, which the current proposal appears to do. It isn’t a matter for anything short of a bipartisan effort to sort through, and our Congress, both houses, have shown very little inclination for either party to work together for you and me.

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