America Wanted a Reality Show And It Got One… Trump

By Jason Taylor

Donald Trump got away with reckless, baseless and unsubstantiated “rumors” as a private citizen (such as his birther nonsense) made him a deplorable character — which, for the non-readers like Trump, means “deserving strong condemnation.” That this wildly unfit and unqualified president is allowed to continue his daily, constant lying to the public and making crazy, again baseless and unsubstantiated claims needs to be stopped immediately.

Back when Richard Nixon was flouting the law, the Republicans of the day placed country above party and took the necessary actions to preserve our republic. That is apparently not the case today, as we watch the Republican party leadership and rank-and-file perform incredible feats of mental and verbal gymnastics to support Mr. Trump’s outrageous words and actions.

If congress doesn’t move to condemn this man publicly and take appropriate action, the intelligence community and literally everyone else must.

We have a dangerous liar and a charlatan for President. Unfortunately, the Republicans are so morally defunct that they won’t put the interests of our country and our world above their petty self-interests. And the so-called media outlets like Breitbart and Fox News will only propagate the propaganda on behalf of the billionaires. So we are in danger of becoming a totalitarian state. Trump’s tactics are very clear. Every time people question his lies, he strikes back with wild accusations. The man needs to be impeached yesterday.

The sad transparency of Trump’s attempt to deflect away from his own troubles is not only pathetically transparent but also dangerously un-American. This ludicrous turn also shines a glaring spotlight on the cowardice and fecklessness of the political right, unable to muster so much as an ounce of patriotism and honor by calling out Trump and his authoritarian abuses.

As for the press and our society in general, it is time to stop the coddling and genuinely vilify this dangerously incompetent and morally bankrupt person. Donald Trump is a stain on our country and presents a clear and present peril to our democracy. The office of president, the American people and the workings of our entire nation have never been so disrespected as they’ve been by Donald Trump — and the voters who tied this weight to our country’s ankle. The chain of Trump must be severed. Immediately.

This country needs a real president. This one isn’t. His use of the media to divert attention from what is really happening just continues to astound me. What is weird about the whole thing is the ungodly hour he made some of the original Tweets. Does he sit alone at night stewing over purported insults then blast off some strange post without even asking one of his “sharp” assistants if it makes sense, especially given the law surrounding this topic?

It seems that Trump is now able to make any ridiculous claim and then treat it like a fact to be further investigated by his government. If that doesn’t make you wake up in a cold sweat at night, I don’t know what will.


  1. I agree…he is the perfect Reality star and the government is his format….he picked a losing battle….the intel agencies are not someone that one should mess with…they know all our darkest secrets including reality stars….chuq

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