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What’s A Conservative Christian To Do?

By Lorana Hoopes

While I made no bones about believing Trump would do terrible things to our country, Christians, and Republicans, I was still slightly relieved when he won because I believed Hillary Clinton would be worse.

My hope was that Trump would do some of the things he promised and leave the rest alone. Do we need to strengthen border security? Yes, we do, and Trump was not the first person to say so. Was his ban, albeit temporary, the best way? Maybe not, but I do think he was doing what he thinks will keep us safe. I just think he’s very inept, which is not a good marker for a President.

He did cut funding for International Planned Parenthoods – a good thing, although all he was really doing was reversing the policy back to its original intent. Obama had changed it his first year in office, even though the move was highly criticized. And supposedly, he and Congress are working to de-fund PP here at home and send the money to real women’s health care centers, you know the ones that do breast cancer screenings and maternity care, not just abortions.

But then he’s done some not so great things. Flynn had ties to the Russians and had to be removed. Now it looks like Sessions may have ties to the Russians, though I read today that one of the two “meetings” was actually at the RNC on the sidelines when several people approached him. Who knows what is the truth anymore?

Then there’s Trump’s unhinged tweets. I’m not saying he can’t have an opinion about a show he created. He’s probably still very tied to the ratings and of course the money from it, but to tweet about it on the same account he tweets about government issues just seems weird and unprofessional. If he’s unprofessional about this, what else would he be unprofessional about?

Also, it sounds from Kevin Bailey’s latest piece that things are unraveling fast in the White House. Plus there’s the nearly 3 million that Trump has cost tax payers in his trips to Florida.

So, that brings me back to my question, What’s a Conservative Christian to do?

I didn’t vote for Trump, but I understand Christians who did. I understand Christians who felt their liberties were being taken away and knew that Clinton would only continue down that path. I understand this even more after being labeled “hateful” simply because I’m a Christian in a way that will affect my job in the future.

However, if we continue to throw support to this man who either has multiple personalities, ties to Russia, or will ruin the country with his ineptitude, I fear we will muddy the name of Christians even further. God says we are to pray, and I believe that is a necessity at this point, but I think we also need to be speaking to our Republican elect and telling them that Trump may not be the ship they want to sink themselves with. A lot of damage has already been done to the GOP, but Trump just took office. If they can get someone sound running the place soon, perhaps people will forgive before the next election.

A friend reminded me recently that there are no more good candidates, only the lesser of two evils, but I don’t think that means that if we realize the evil we elected is not what we thought that we continue to allow the destruction to continue.

Lorana Hoopes is an author of children’s books and adult inspirational books with a touch of romance.Her books are available at Amazon.Heartbeats series

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