Support vs. Protest, Nothing Is Working

By Andrew Witzel

Thousands marched in support of Donald Trump yesterday March 4th across the country.  Thousands marched in counter-support in many of the same locations as well.  Several of the protests led to arrests and people getting hurt by bats, 2×4’s and other various weapons.  It is clear that the divide is getting larger, not smaller, and the news cycle the last few days has been anything but reassuring that we have leadership at the top.  President Donald Trump, again, was at his Mar-a-Lago estate and played several rounds of golf while his administration was reported to be involved with the Russians and is leaking information to the press.  Who’s really in control at the White House anyway?

People in cities that included Nashville, Phoenix, Boston, Denver, Miami, St. Paul, Berkeley, California, pulled together the rallies in support of Donald Trump and to encourage the American people to unite behind our President.  One supporter in Nashville held a sign reading “Stop calling me a racist: You don’t even know me” and shirts were being sold in Phoenix that read “I voted for Trump.  You’re Welcome.”  People on both sides are asking for people to come together with small print under their plea saying “As long as it’s my side of the fight.”  This country won’t see unity at this point until we decide, as a people, that government isn’t working and finally rally behind someone who will truly bring us all together.

I think people don’t understand when they say they want Trump to fail, it means America will fail.

The above was a quote from one supporter of Trump also in Phoenix.  It’s not that people don’t understand the consequences of Trump failing, rather, I believe the more likely understanding is that people have weighed the consequences between Trump failing vs. Trump continuing to embarrass us as a nation.  There is a reason that no president in our recent past has been associated with “reality television” and “early morning tweet storms.”  I can’t speak for everyone, I can only speak for myself, but I don’t see Trump being the representative of this nation now or ever.  The President is supposed to be the best of what our country represents and supporters of Trump are implying that we’re a country of fools.

“America First” is a rally cry for a by-gone era of the United States.  In a global community, there is not any room for nationalism as we’re all supposed to support each other.  Some of the players hold an advantage, that will continue, but that doesn’t mean we should turn our backs and snub our noses by putting forth travel bans from primarily Muslim countries, favoring business interests in direct violation of the emoluments clause and spending America’s money to spend every weekend since taking office at your private resort in Florida.  One particular piece I read over the weekend went into great detail about not understanding why everyone was so focused on Trump’s Mar-a-Lago weekend retreats; does no one do research to understand the size of the entourage Trump has to travel with as President?

There is a right way and a wrong way to do things.  Donald Trump seems to be bent on doing everything wrong and does not seem to be learning from his mistakes.  If he was, Steve Bannon would have been fired weeks ago.  The future of our government is at stake and the decisions and actions now will have consequences that ripple into the future for years to come.

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  1. Well said. If the White House was occupied by a Democrat doing all of the things Trump is doing, they would be calling for a hanging. It’s sad to see people so divided, and apparently so very ignorant.

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