Screaming Carrot Demon Loving Snowflakes Need To Stop Being Triggered

By Bobby M

Our world would be better off if Trump supporters stopped getting so upset at everything they can. The hypocrites (must have learned it from their orange messiah) try to say people that do not like Trump are snowflakes who get triggered too easily. But the truth is, they are the ones losing their minds over the littlest of things.

The examples of this are endless, so I will try and pick out the ones that were truly benign, but a special brand of stupid by a few Trump supporters made the issue go viral in some capacity…with the bulk of the activity and reaction being well-deserved mockery.

Some of the most beloved movies in the history of Hollywood belong to the ‘Star Wars’ series. But all of a sudden, because there were a number of alt-right (I prefer the term racists) people who decided that ‘Rogue One’ was a shot against Trump due to the parallels drawn between the Empire/Dark Side and white supremacy, the #DumpStarWars hashtag was started on twitter. The movie made over $1 billion dollars at the box office without them.

Something that was talked about almost as much as this past Super Bowl, was one of it’s commercials due to Trump supporters. #BoycottBudweiser trended for days on numerous social media outlets because of the beer company wanting to make an ad about one of their founders and his immigration to America. I guess the scene where Adolphus Busch was told, “You’re Not Wanted Here!” and “Go Back Home!” hit too close to home and they thought it was a personal insult to them by Budweiser.

Similar incidents happened regarding a Broadway play and a coffee shop. The cast of Hamilton decided to make an impassioned plea to Mike Pence, who was in attendance, and had their message vilified by Trump supporters. The CEO of Starbucks wanted to hire 10,000 refugees and was faced with a #BoycottStarbucks pledge because of it. An event like all that which flew under the radar for most, had a more personal connection to me and my love for the St. Louis Cardinals MLB baseball team. Newly signed outfielder Dexter Fowler was asked about the Trump travel ban due to his wife being Iranian-American and said…

“It’s huge. Especially any time you’re not able to see family, it’s unfortunate,” – Dexter Fowler

The term “unfortunate” was enough for him to be faced with hate from a number of Trump supporters. Needless to say, he gained a bigger fan in myself because of how he treated the entire affair. is now the victim of a comparable situation. Jason Taylor, known as @HahnAmerica on Twitter and the founder of this website, has had his account on the social media outlet suspended due to some Trump supporters using bots to manipulate the report protocols there. The same train of thought that led to the attacks described above is why this has happened. If you ever wondered why we fight so hard against an authoritarian and his cult of followers, think of the ideals in this article as just a tip of the iceberg regarding our motivation.


  1. Hugs to Jason–let him keep telling it like he sees it. He’s got an interesting way of laying things out and doesn’t hold back. Tired of the timidity (and he’s not a you-know-what about it).

  2. Most of them are one dimensional…they only think what everyone else in their posse is thinking…they even think that the History Channel is taking a shot at Trump by airings “how The World ends” and Hitler’s Death Squads…when they come to my site they read only posts about immigrats, Trump and poverty……like I said one dimensional….good posts….chuq

  3. Ignorance kills: for example the murder and shooting of Sikhs mistaken for Arabs. What? How absolutely stupid, uninformed, and confident they are representative of an appropriate solution to a presumed problem can people be?

    Every death, every burning of a mosque or temple, desecration of a cemetery, harassment of someone who looks like an “other” is on the hands of the fellow posing as president, this enabler in chief.

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