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Midterm Anxiety

By Oletta Branstiter

Ted Cruz is my Senator. I was all in when he ran for President. After eight years of Obama, Conservatives were perfectly positioned to capitalize on the opportunity to restore our Republic.

Alas, it was not to be. An egotistical populist mesmerized the electorate with simplistic chants promoting nationalism.

Many stalwart Constitutionalists, like Senator Cruz, ultimately compromised their Conservative credentials by endorsing Donald Trump, even after this usurper verbally assaulted women, minorities, the Constitution, Raphael Cruz and Ted’s wife, Heidi, among others.

Patriots who had cheered the Cruz speech at the Republican Convention because he stubbornly refused to endorse Trump, suffered in stunned dismay in late September when he approved the nomination of his crude rival.


Love is Like That

I gave my heart to Hollywood

To Bogey, Kate and Liz

But now they can’t be trusted

Even with, “The winner is…”

I gave my heart to politics

To try and do some good

Trusting those in charge to do

The things they said they would

I gave my heart to John McCain

He said he’d make things right

But it’s hard to win a battle

When you don’t put up a fight

I gave it to Obamacare

And took it to my Doc

But when he didn’t take my plan

I had a little shock

I gave it to the GOP

They said they had my back

And when they didn’t deliver

I cut them lots of slack

Then came this loud New Yorker

And for him, the country turned

But I couldn’t give my heart to him

Because, well, I’d been burned

Ah yes, I know the feeling

And the sense of devastation

And so I face commitment

With a little hesitation

Could the guy persuade

Or only be a great complainer?

Would he take it all the way

Or crumble, just like Boehner

Well, leadership is wonderful

And held in high esteem

But a leader needs the backing

Of the players on his team

And so, I pledge allegiance

In word and deed and name

And if they want to keep their seats

They’d better do the same

Cause if those guys don’t do it

Or put one foot in the water

2018’s coming

And it just might be a slaughter

Joe Tarzana


This clever verse begs the question: what events will transpire in the next 20 months to influence midterm voters?

The scales of judgment responding to the Trump administration is tipping wildly within the first two months of his Presidential term. His flurry of executive orders reflected many of the priorities of Republicans while causing much discomfort to Conservatives who disapprove of ruling by fiat. Since the first weeks, however, missteps in cabinet appointments and serious questions about commitment to repeal and replace Obamacare have plagued the White House.

President Trump’s first address to Congress received mixed reviews- applauded by those who consider his election a win for the Right and disconcerting to those hoping to stifle liberal government growth.

One wonders if part of Trump’s strategy is to keep his constituents so unbalanced that we lose sight of our own priorities as he works to accomplish his own private agenda without the distraction of unified resistance.

Cognitive dissonance may be the modus operandi of the Trump scheme.

This presents the risk that Republicans will be so discombobulated that they will lose their house majorities in 2018.

Will Republicans, like Senator Cruz, reap the favor of voters who remain loyal to their winner? Or, will Conservatives, devoted to Constitutional principles and disillusioned by further evidence of autocratic blunders, avoid the polls in growing disgust?

The more important questions may be: Are Republican incumbents in danger of losing their seats in Congress because of Trump’s performance?

And: What would a Trump administration look like without a majority in Washington to aid and abet his caprice?

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