The Relations Between The Trump Administration And Russia Conceal Something Foul

By Jason Taylor

It is in the best interests of Trump, the Republicans, and the country to investigate all aspects of Russian attempts to influence the election. This means looking at ties and contacts with officials of the Russian government, Russian oligarchs and other Russian friendliest. Not doing a thorough investigation suggests an improper, illegal and corrupt influence on Trump and the Republicans by Russia.

The tape of the exchange between Sessions and Senator Al Franken wherein Sessions, referring to himself, said he had been referred to a number of times during the Trump campaign last year as a “surrogate” for Trump’s campaign, said he, Sessions, had no personal knowledge of any meetings with the Russians. Sessions could not possibly have forgotten one, let alone these two meetings with the Russians. Sessions lied to Senator Al Franken and the Senate and the American people. He should resign immediately.

It’s no longer a question of “should he, Sessions, recuse himself” from the investigation. He lied during his confirmation hearing. He should resign or be Impeached. As Attorney General, he must be above any suspicion of misconduct. These two meetings with Russians, confirmed by the Justice Dept., are proof Sessions lied.

If Jeff Sessions’ discussions with Russian contacts weren’t treasonous, why did he choose to perjure himself in his confirmation hearing to cover them up? This, from our nation’s top law enforcement official.

The White House should welcome the appointment of a special prosecutor to independently investigate Mr. Sessions and the Trump-Russia connection, just as Hillary welcomed one’s appointment to investigate her emails during the campaign. If the White House doesn’t, I suspect the facts “speak for themselves”.

What are the GOP members of Congress hiding by refusing to authorize a special select committee? And what is Trump hiding by refusing to release his tax returns? At this point, silence equals complicity — at least in the eyes of a growing majority of Americans who support full and immediate investigation of Russian influence/control in our White House.

So where does this leave us now?

President Trump did not mention one iota of issues/concerns in his speech yesterday about Russia and it appears that the GOP wants to sweep this under the rug. The Trump White House’s spin is that all of the rumors about Russia are coming from Obama’s secret deep state that is trying to destroy the Trump regime. Surely they have the same intelligence everyone else has, so it looks shady, like a cover-up. While Barrack Obama is windsurfing off a private island, Trump accuses him of orchestrating a coup.

While we know there was a serious attempt to interfere in our election, we are never likely to find out the extent of that interference or whether it tilted the election to Trump. Even if Trump should some day be impeached, it would be a virtual impossibility to determine if the Russians had a critical role in changing the outcome of 2016. This is part of what makes it so upsetting because we have no mechanism in the Constitution or in common practice to set an election right if it had been fatally corrupted. We are just supposed to shut up and live with the results? Yes.

If an outside nation can steal a presidential election, anything we value can be stolen. Aside from its pile of nuclear weapons, Russia is not a powerful nation economically nor in its influence around the world. Yet, they appear to be waging war on the western nations by other means, cyber warfare.

Trump wants to make nice with the Russians. Trump says being friends with people like this is to our benefit, but there is no gain in friendship with a nation that attempts to overthrow democracy.

Foreign and domestic intelligence agencies have recorded and detailed the interactions between the Trump campaign and the Russians prior to the election. Trump’s campaign manager Paul Manafort and his National Security Advisor Michael Flynn both resigned as a result of cash payments and/or contact with the Russians promising the end of economic sanctions and pro-Russian, anti-NATO positions endorsed by President Trump.

In exchange, the Kremlin hacked the DNC and Hillary Clinton’s campaign manager John Podesta. Trump applauded WikiLeaks and publicly asked for Russian help with his campaign. Putin also orchestrated a disinformation campaign that not only changed crucial votes in battleground states but led one North Carolina man into a Washington DC pizzeria firing an assault rifle over fake stories that Hillary Clinton was kidnapping, molesting and trafficking children.

Did it change the US election results?

Clinton won the popular vote by 3 million votes, but Trump won by a narrow margin of 100,000 votes in key battleground states that gave him an Electoral College win. Republicans in Congress have a better understanding of all the intelligence and probably plan to let eventually Trump go in favor of VP Mike Pence, who is in lock-step with Speaker Ryan and Senate Majority Leader McConnell.

This should not be a Republican v. Democrat issue. Yet, there are people in power on Capitol Hill in Congress who just don’t seem to care, as long as they get what they want. Are they patriots?

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