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Mr. Trump, Don’t Build This Wall

By Janice Barlow 

When push comes to shove, how many people really think a border wall with Mexico will work? I mean, really? The Rio Grande is in the way. That’s a pretty wide river (100 meters). And there is some mountainous terrain in New Mexico and Arizona along the border too. People know how to get over and under walls when they are determined. Adventurous folks can always take the circuitous route and get to Canada first, then enter from the north. There is a lot of wilderness up there where a man can wander for days and not see a single soul.

Then there is the cost to consider. Will Mexico actually pay for a wall that will cost billions to build, billions to monitor, and billions more to maintain? I don’t think so. No, Mexico won’t pay for it directly. But President Trump will try and punish them for doing it. He will tax their goods and services coming here. He will take it out of money that we send there as foreign aid. Who is hurt in the long run besides the Mexican people? We are. The vegetables and fruits that supply our markets in the winter come from south of the border. To slap a confiscatory tariff on that supply will cause people to put down that box of blueberries and wait a few weeks for the Chilean crop to come in. The transport industry will lose money. The farming communities will lose money. The warehouse industry will lose money. The distribution centers will lose money. The grocers will lose money. And so on.

Once the wall is completed, in spite of all the complications of engineering, who will pay to maintain it and protect it? Mexico’s job is done. The importing of its fruits and vegetables, for all practical purposes, has been shut down, and jobs have been lost for legal Americans in shipping and distribution. Oh, I’m sure Trump will have a convoluted answer for everything. He always does. But if he doesn’t build a wall, how do we solve the problem of illegals swarming into the United States en masse?


It’s easy!

Follow these simple steps:

1: End all funding to sanctuary cities. It is against federal law to harbor illegal aliens who are sought out by the government for deportation.

2: Fine all people and corporations a daily fine for paying illegal people under the table to work for them. They are cheating the tax system of payroll taxes and this is a crime. The fine can be higher for corporations, (for example, $2,000 a day per worker paid under the table) and less for Subchapter S companies and partnerships ($500 a day per worker) down to a sole proprietor or homeowner ($100 for each day illegal works for a person and is paid – and this would include landscapers and maids – sorry wealthy people with foreign housekeepers). To get around this issue, since they don’t do payroll, homeowners and sole proprietors could issue 1099’s to the workers. This way, if the employee doesn’t pay the taxes on their income, the person whom they work for is not responsible. But guess what? To be given 1099 for money they have earned, they need this thing called a Social Security number. Some foreigners may actually have one because they came here legally under work or student visas, but they expired. It is the job of the government to retire that social security number when the visa expires so that it shows up as invalid in the system. Then they would also know how to track the violator.

3: Pull all benefits for illegal aliens, effective June 30, 2017. This would allow any students to have plenty of time to finish this school year. They would not be allowed to enroll next year without proof of citizenship or a valid green card. They would not be able to get any health care except for life-saving situations. No more running to a clinic for a sore throat without being able to pay out of pocket. No driver’s licenses could be issued without a valid visa or proof of citizenship. A driver’s license should automatically expire when a visa does, and the person would have to renew it each time he or she renewed the visa. When I got my driver’s license in Florida, I had to show my birth certificate or passport. When I got my newest one in North Carolina, I only had to answer yes or no when asked if I was a U.S. citizen. (I asked the worker – “So if I lied and said I was, but I actually wasn’t, you’d just have to take my word for it?” She rolled her eyes and nodded.) No free child care services or food stamps or any other benefits would be allowed. And of course, no voting registration for non-citizens.

4: Remove and deport all criminals who committed felonies from our prisons and send them back to where they came from. Tell the receiving country that if the felon ends up back in our country again and is caught, that we will fine their country $500,000 for each one that sneaks back in, and ship them back again at that country’s expense. A felony doesn’t have to be a violent crime. It only needs to be considered a felony under the law. Felons who commit non-violent crimes often will later commit violent ones. We don’t want them here. We have enough felons of our own to deal with.

Now this is the issue, and it solves the need for DACA: If a person came here illegally, but is working and paying into the tax system and has not committed any further crimes beyond the illegal entry, we should not, as a country, be worried about that person at this point. We should, however, create a system whereby these folks can become citizens, and it is not without consequence:

For people here illegally under the age of 35 who have abided by the law, they should not be granted amnesty and citizenship. They need to make their choice of which branch of our military to serve in for 4 years so that they can show their loyalty to our nation and make up for skipping the line. For dual-parent households with children under 16 at home, only one parent would need to serve. Single people would all need to serve. If they have a disability that keeps them from serving on active duty, they can work in some capacity to serve the country, perhaps as a cook or at a desk, or in a laundry on a base. This only applies to illegals who are already in the country. New ones do not get the military option. They just get nothing.

The aforementioned criteria are not meant to encourage illegals from hopping on over. They are deterrents. Most illegals already in the United States would lose much more than they will gain under this walless system. They would pack up their toys and go home. And they would tell the others. “It’s not a free ride in America anymore! You must work hard! You must serve in their military! Or you can apply to become a citizen and wait, and then you can go to school there.” Millions would go home. Millions more would not sneak over. And billions of dollars would be saved on a wall not built and benefits not paid.

Mr. Trump, don’t build this wall! It’s one of the most stupid ideas you ever stole.

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  1. Some really good ideas here that don’t require a wall to be built. We can’t afford to have Mexico as an enemy.

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