ICYMI News Roundup @ EatPrayVote.org: Feb 24th – 26th

By Bobby M.

In case you missed any of the news from February 24th through the 26th, here is a brief recap regarding much of what happened. Not everything will have a hyperlink, so if you would like more information, please highlight and google it.

The weekend was a bit different after Trump set the stage for more anti-media attacks during his speech at the CPAC conference. This led to some kind of dueling back and forth regarding all things Russia/Trump related. A report came out that most Americans want an investigation, while the White House asked anyone who would listen, especially the FBI, to put out counter stories and announcements to that effect. This got Reince Priebus into a bit of hot water. While that should have dominated the news cycle, it got overrun by the Academy awards show on ABC. What was a normal awards show turned into something everyone talked about when there was a mistake handing out the “2016 Best Picture Award”, which went to ‘Moonlight’ but not until after ‘La La Land’ was originally announced (along with people giving acceptance speeches). The usual political attacks against Trump by presenters even flew under the radar because of that unprecedented action. The rest of what is listed below may have been harder to hear details about…

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