Trying To Engage Trump Supporters Isn’t A Great Bet

By Jason Taylor

Americans that voted for Donald Trump didn’t use reason to reach their position, so they aren’t likely to be reasoned out of it. Trump voters are the type who are incredibly me-focused; narrow-minded, selfish, and seemingly care nothing about anyone else. The few conservative friends I have who still support him are behaving like boiling frogs and I’ve stopped discussing the whole thing with them.

Let’s be honest: facts, truth and being held accountable is NOT something the Trump faithful are interested in. I liken it to taking Billy the fourth grader outside and asking Billy what color the sky is. Although the sky is blue, Billy will continue to insist that it is purple, and nothing is changing little Billy’s mind. A problem might be that the average Trump voter will not ever see that things aren’t working out the way they hoped. They bought into him in the first place because they were fearful and wanted a warrior-like leader. Trump and his team will continue to keep that fear stoked at every turn blinding all of them from the reality.

This is a dysfunctional relationship. Trump smacks his followers around but then sings to them some version of, “everything is going to be OK,” and they want to believe it. They don’t have the ability to analyze the facts themselves — either they don’t have the facts or they want them, or they are too emotionally scarred to think properly, or too dumb to put two and two together.

A woman who voted for Trump “because he’s going to bring back coal mining jobs” now is concerned because black lung benefits, which are part of the Affordable Care Act benefits, may be lost. Really?

Excuse me, ma’am, Trump “promised” to get rid of “Obamacare” and you voted for him.

You all were warned you were shooting yourselves in the foot by voting for Donald Trump — now look at the disasters he’s created in one month.

What about the environment? What about homelessness? What about the high costs of health care and prescription drugs; what about all that impacts the greater community called America? “These People”, the Trump faithful, could careless. (The myth of the uneducated voter ushering in Trump- is also a myth. Millions of “educated” people whose biases were bigger than their degrees- also created President Trump.)
A harsh unfair assessment? No. Their vote spoke loudly about their interests.

The United States should be represented in a dignified and compassionate manner. We can disagree on some policies but I cannot believe how anyone can find the conduct of Trump to be satisfactory. A tweeting narcissist is not fit for this office.

Trump may well hold on to his support from the minority of the electorate that voted for him. I believe very few of the majority who opposed him have changed their mind, but there is now a trickle, and it may soon develop into a flood, of people who believed he had the right leadership ability to solve big problems and would not carry out some of his more offensive promises and who are now regretting their votes. How else do you interpret his plummeting approval ratings?

The task here is somehow to yank the kool-aid from their lips and drag them off to deprogramming. Until then, everything bad that happens is going to be the fault of that black man who stomped on the constitution for so many years.

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