Trump: A Punchline To A Bad Joke

By Andrew Witzel

Anyone who has an inability to take any sort of criticism on anything they do or say will always be doomed to fail. Trump could easily be the poster child for what not to do when you’re in a position of power. The problem though is that Trump can’t be a dictator and beat his people into submission through fear and control. He has to answer to the Legislative and Judicial branches of government.

Our founding fathers were intelligent, they knew all too well the trappings of monarchies and dictatorships. They designed probably one of the most unique and special systems of government ever in human history, a gift to the people of what would become the United States of America. Ever since George Washington, this country first President, the majority of Presidents have executed the job of leading the United States under the rule of law and of the Constitution. They understood that the gift our founding fathers bestowed to this country was not something to be ignored, but rather something to be treated with great respect.

This all changed on January 20, 2017, when Donald Trump was sworn in as the 45th President of the United States. More than half the country was living in what felt like a bad joke with a predictable punch line. This man defended his penis size during the primary campaigns, he attacked his competitors with below the belt shots and oozed misogyny for practically his entire life.

As during the campaign his immature defense of his image, that only he really cares about, has continued for the last 5 weeks. Crowd sizes, fake news, odd and erratic behavior during press conferences and sent out in midnight tweets. It feels like Trump is using the United States and his Presidency as a stage for the greatest reality show in human history, one that is getting as old as The Bachelor or The Survivor only after a few weeks on.

Trump just cannot take anything negative about himself, so he has tweeted he won’t be attending the Washington Correspondents Dinner this year.

The White House Correspondents Dinner has been an annual event for every President since Coolidge following their inauguration. Only Ronald Reagan in 1981 failed to appear at the dinner as he was recovering from being shot. This dinner is an opportunity for the who’s who A-list in Washington to hobnob with the President and listen to a self-deprecating speech from the President.

This writer is not surprised that he has canceled the event, Trump has been consistent in his dislike of self-deprecation and has been the most unpredictable when trying to dismiss anything that is specifically targeted to him. Having seen some of the past Presidents’ speeches at this dinner, their performance provides a rare insight into some of the things that they themselves think are shortcomings. In other words, it humanizes them beyond their position of President and endears them to the American people.

Trump on the other hand, who campaigned that he was one of the people, is starting to show his true colors as anything but a man of the people. A man who promised to “drain the swamp” yet has filled his cabinet with some of the richest and most powerful members of the elite oligarchy, yet has thumbed his nose at the annual party that has in attendance the most powerful people in politics and business. Yes, it would appear that we, the American people, have entered into a four-year-long bad joke with Trump as the predictable punch line.

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