Media Wars: Hate Marches On

By Linda Stockton

It is easy, incredibly easy, to get wrapped up in the Trump hating hysteria. It’s everywhere: the news, social media, among friends and family…really, everywhere. It’s equally simple to just believe whatever one hears or reads, no matter how brazen or outrageous it seems, about what Trump, or Priebus, or KellyAnne et al has done now. Because, again, it is everywhere and it is promoted and blasted out over the airwaves and through print instantaneously and ad nauseam. Thus the screaming cries of “Fake News” from both left and right…because, well, there is a lot of it out there.

What makes something “fake” is not necessarily a story made up out of whole cloth. It doesn’t need to be a ridiculous Spirit Cooking-Pizzagate-Podesta conspiracy to catch the headlines. In fact, the stories that seem to have longevity and persist in the collective conscience are those that contain mostly truth…yet have a grain of deception, a speck of omittance, an iota of misdirection. The best lies are those that are 99% truth.

Let’s look at a couple that are currently taking hold and gaining traction.

First: Townhall meetings with representatives. These are widely covered and have been shown to be loud and unruly with crowds so angry that the elected officials cannot speak or answer questions. This is largely true. What has also been reported but swiftly decried as “fake news” is that many of these GOP townhalls have been sabotaged by left-leaning organizations to disrupt and cause chaos. Their goal is to promote the appearance that the entire country is upset with EVERY GOP representative and that Republicans are hated. The objective is to give the illusion that this is an organic movement like the Tea Party movement was over Obamacare.

The truth is that there are indeed activists, largely from the Obama founded group Organizing For Action, which have carefully orchestrated their chaos producing results at these townhalls. They even have a manual, called The Huddle, and have partnered with ultra left financier George Soros and which provides guidelines on effective ways to disrupt congressional recess townhall meetings. There is an online Congressional Recess Toolkit which instructs among other things:

  • Get there Early
  • Sit in the front but not together
  • Spread out
  • Be Persistent
  • Record Everything
  • Stick to the Script

So, discounting these congressmen and representatives who have said that some of these angry constituents are “plants” is foolhardy because there are indeed other forces at work. The hatred for not just Trump but for Republicans in general is a deep and abiding one. Make no mistake, this is not to say that there is not anger from legitimate constituents because that too would be denying what is clear. There is frustration and disgust with our politicians from both sides. Some things never change.

Another hot topic is the idea that the White House, Reince Priebus specifically, initiated contact with the FBI regarding the Russia-Trump connection stories. It has been widely reported, and embellished heavily, that Mr. Priebus, who, for the record, is completely out of his depth as COS, contacted the FBI requesting they quash the story. This is not true. According to several news stories, from Fox, CNN, NBC and the NYT, this is only a piece of what happened and is only an addendum to what actually occurred. Per the CNN story, with the very misleading headline, ” Exclusive: FBI refused White House request to knock down recent Trump-Russia stories,” the FBI initiated contact with the White House. Quoting the CNN story, “…the request was only made after the FBI indicated to the White House it did not believe the reporting to be accurate.” So, the full story is this:

  • The FBI was asked to investigate whether or not the stories by the NYT and CNN alleging contact between the Trump campaign and the Russians was accurate.
  • The FBI contacted the White House to advise that the reporting did not appear to be accurate.
  • The White House (Priebus and Spicer) publicly announced the FBI findings.
  • The press accused the WH of lying.
  • Priebus asked the FBI to confirm publicly their findings and, in essence, back up what the WH was saying.

The problem is that the FBI cannot (or should not) discuss their investigations publicly per protocol. CNN included the above line in their story but led with the provocative headline. Thus, misleading the public and further promoting what is essentially a false narrative.

And fueling further hate for a President and administration who is already failing in the public’s opinion.

And this is why, from the White House’s point of view, it seems like a perfectly rational and reasonable move to bar certain news outlets from briefings and pressers. Today, in an unprecedented action, the White House blocked reporters from CNN, the NYT, Politico and several other outlets from attending the press briefing. This is an unbelievably aggressive and moronic move by the White House. While their frustration with these certain outlets is understandable, this does nothing to make the statement they are trying to make. It only makes them look like the authoritarian and dictator-like regime they are continually being accused of being. How is it possible for them to not comprehend this? This happened with President Obama in 2014 when he barred the press from attending events on several occasions and served to only alienate the press corps. (HuffPo) This will only further push the narrative of hate, distrust and loss of American values that is already being espoused. Neither side wins here.

I ask: How does this help anyone? How does any of this help our beloved country? When did we, as lovers of freedom and liberty, allow ourselves to become slaves to such deceit? From our politicians, from our press, from each other…from ourselves. Yes, ourselves. As a nation, we have allowed ourselves to be either blinded by unreasonable devotion to the false idea that any one man can save or destroy us, or blinded by such intense hatred that we believe the same thing. We used to be better than that.

Freud said,

Civilized society is perpetually menaced with disintegration through this primary hostility of men towards one another.

This is where we, as a nation, as a society, are headed. Disintegration from within. Haters, on both sides, need to check themselves and reel it in. Use your God-given gift of rational thought and reason and cease to eat every morsel of garbage you are fed. Do your own thinking and resist…not just Trump like all the cool kids are doing…but the urge to believe whatever seems to fit the popular narrative of the day. Remember that what is popular is not always right, and what is right is not always popular.






  1. It’s okay to be angry–hell, anger can be a great motivator and source of strength. However, it leads people to be stupid and dismiss inconvenient truths or gloss over them to strengthen their viewpoints. There’s so much crap going on (and I don’t control the remote or get a chance to learn more in depth like I’d want) that I don’t know where to start with looking for info. We’re not doing anyone a lick of good, and the only people happy with this turn of events are those who would profit from a stupid public so busy fighting amongst itself that they won’t know the republic is gone until it is. Ugh–I can’t stand Trump, I admit that, but I would be willing to look for silver linings and give credit for the good things where credit’s due.

    Unfortunately, I’m so damned confused that I don’t even know what would be good or bad anymore, thanks to the screaming hate on all sides…we’re not doing ourselves any favors being stupid like this. They used to say “the whole world is watching” when there were protests. Guess what, America–it never stopped, and is probably laughing itself silly at what idiots we are.

    1. Well said and I agree. I think you echo the sentiments of so many. Keep up the good fight…our Republic is worth fighting for, our freedom and liberty demands our every effort.

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