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Amnesty Intl Calls Out Trump Rhetoric

By Andrew Witzel

Social media has been on fire with allegations and comparisons of our dear President Trump to that crazy guy from Germany that nearly took over the world during WWII.  Comparisons of our current leaders to leaders of the past are par for the course for the Internet, nothing about that is a surprise.  It is an entirely different ball game when a foreign organization, like Amnesty International, makes the comparison of Trump’s rhetoric during the campaign and beyond to that of Hitler.

In their annual report, that covers 159 countries, they said principles of human dignity and equality had come under assault from politicians and at the center of their target was Trump.  The world has become a darker place and unstable place according to their report, due to a rise in hate speech targeting refugees that has spread across Europe and the United States.

Donald Trump’s poisonous campaign rhetoric exemplifies a global trend towards angrier and more divisive politics.

The irony of this is that Trump himself has been quoted as being “the least racist person” and “least anti-Semitic person you’ve ever seen.”  Experience tells us that the very person that says these things, often multiple times, is usually the racist and anti-Semitic in the room.  Trump has been mired in controversy since the early days of his presidency with attacks on the news media, legal battles over his executive order to ban people temporarily and negative reports on those from his “drain the swamp” administration choices.

A gap the size of the Grand Canyon exists between imperative and action, rhetoric and reality; a signal that he is incapable of driving home most of the promises that he falsely promised voters while on the campaign trail.  The comparison that Amnesty International made of Trump to Hitler isn’t difficult to see when you compare Trump’s rhetoric to Trump’s actions.

The early indications from (…) Trump suggest a foreign policy that will significantly undermine multilateral cooperation and usher in a new era of greater instability and mutual suspicion.

Amnesty International may be onto something here.

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