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Trump Assembles The (Deplorable) Deportation Force

By Jason Taylor

Donald Trump is delivering on his campaign promise with a pandering version of his highly touted mass deportation agenda. I’m sure his supporters will be ecstatic. And while I accept these people are in violation of American law it just breaks my heart to hear this. No one comes here to “game the system.” They are here to work hard and have a better life for themselves and their children. To be free of the various disasters and limitations of their home countries.

I have so much respect for the hard life these people have chosen. We know these people. They work in our homes and restaurants. They attend school with our children. We are all just like them. Most of us are not very far removed from our relatives who had the same dream.

America has always suffered from xenophobia, but over my lifetime of 46 years, I actually thought we were beginning to live up to the words on the Statue of Liberty. It is tragically sad that Trump and his adoring white nationalist advisers and followers have reversed course on tolerance and compassion, setting us back to the first half of the twentieth century.

Under no circumstances do I want my hard-earned tax dollars wasted to rip apart devoted families of hard-working people.

And what will we gain? Are out of work Trump voting coal miners eager to pick vegetables in 100-degree heat in California? To clean toilets in hotels in Orlando? To study hard, ace Organic Chemistry, with dreams of going to Medical School?

Rather than spend billions destroying families and enriching Republican donors who run cruel private prisons, why not pass the immigration bill that had bipartisan support in the Senate, and would have passed the House too if Republicans who controlled the House calendar had allowed a vote? It had careful background checks, get to the back of the line, and a path the Citizenship for those whose only “crime” wanting to work to create a better life for their children, just as our immigrant ancestors did.

I would like to see an accurate tabulation of every job that opens up in small town rural America resulting from a deportation. The deportees don’t live there. They mostly live in the big cities because that’s where the jobs are.

I would like to see how many people in small town rural America who are employed get raises that are tied to deportations. There will still be a surplus of labor which will keep wages down. I would like to see how deportations will solve the problem of having millions of unskilled workers in small town rural America. How will deportations turn them into business owners or computer code writers? Why would any company build a factory in a place where the skilled labor force needed to operate automated assembly line does not exist?

Whether or not these people deserve to live here, the problems of rural unemployment and low wages will remain.

The U.S. economy is a very complex system, which requires a host of inputs, including human labor. Pulling out millions of people who are now integrated into our economy will cause widespread disruptions that the Trump Administration does not want and cannot accurately predict, including lower economic growth. The genesis of such a policy is simplistic thinking, which rejects the very complexity of the issue it seeks to address.

Make no mistake, it is possible to deport millions of people if you have the will and enough public support. Anything is possible — look at Syria. One can make life so frightening and miserable that people leave on their own. But that does not speak to whether it is wise, or what that will do to us as a nation. IN the past, when we have not lived up to the better angels of our nature but instead given into our fears, we have regretted it. I think we shall regret electing Donald Trump and following him blindly. Perhaps not today or tomorrow, but one day. People will look back and ask — How could they have done this?

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  1. Be careful now, you’re making too much sense. Someone might get offended (hee hee).

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