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Trump And His Supporters Share The Echo Chambers They Build For Themselves.

By Jason Taylor

I have worked for egomaniacs. In addition to being bad for your sense of right and wrong, having a gross disregard for others and having a twisted sense of mission they are often wrong and lack any self-insight.

The day Trump announced his candidacy, he declared that he would be the greatest jobs President God ever created. Evidently not, since he can’t fill the jobs in his immediate vicinity. He’s using cronyism, nepotism and a drive for yes-men to fill powerful positions. One prominent appointment already went down in flames, aided by Trump’s part in covering up a major scandal. People of integrity, like Vice Adm. Robert Harward, don’t want to bring themselves down with Trump. Trump does not comprehend that making a government run is in no way analogous to staffing his own enterprise. And we, not only he, pay a price for Trump’s mistakes.

In Trump’s case, he will only surround himself with ‘yes’ men/women who further validate his views, no matter how absurd. Forget about assembling a diverse team with various qualifications and qualities to bring to the table, some of which may be contrary to that of Trump. Likewise, Trump followers will surround themselves with other like-minded, Fox News-loving, alternative facts believers instead of engaging in rational, constructive debates which may reveal something new to them.

This is all so very tribal. It’s how extremists groups like the Taliban and ISIS think and operate. Loyalty above all.

It comes as no surprise that no one of talent wants to work for someone who is undermining the institutions of our democracy. Trump is doing just that — egregiously undermining the very pillars of our democracy. This is evident in the cabinet appointments of people who have scorned and threaten to reduce their own government departments.

It is evident in the throw-away comments he uses to describe our intelligence agencies so vital to protecting our democracy. Above all his constant “#fake news” attacks on the free press. Without a truly un-cowed free press, we would be even more lost than we are now. He’s given tacit permission to the GOP to perpetuate their systematic destruction of third-level education and the further gerrymandering of congressional seats. Who, in all honesty, wishes to be a player in this carnival of fear?

President Bannon and Vice-President Miller have the Donald convinced that they know what’s best. He’s lazy, seeking nothing more than constant adoration, and he expects all of his appointees to be yes-men and adore him while he lets Bannon and Miller run the country so he can continue to campaign for the next 4 years. Being President is hard work, it’s much more satisfying to hear the roar of the crowds.

The fact that he’s considering John Bolton for ANY position in the administration speaks volumes, although, after DeVos, it should not come as any surprise.

The talented people of our country are waking up to Trump’s malevolence. It’s hopeful they are forming into what’s variously called a resistance. But ultimately those of us with any integrity can see Trump for what he was and is: a charlatan and soapbox blowhard. All his life he stood for no one other than himself. Ultimately he amounts to nothing more than a #fakepresident.

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