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Donald Trump Relishes Being The Enemy

By Jason Taylor

Donald Trump is a certified threat to national security and domestic tranquility. He’s got his share of clueless supporters, but he seems to have a far larger share of sensible citizens who are less concerned about their liberal dream than they are terrified of a looming apocalyptic nightmare. The president’s agenda changes from minute to minute. He rambles incoherently at a news conference in which the only news was the odd behavior and rambling accusations that were spewing forth from our commander-in-chief.

Things aren’t getting better. It’s only been a month, and already he can’t keep his own lies straight. He’s becoming more unhinged as the stresses increase and the pressures compound. When he breaks, it will be sudden and catastrophic.

I have often wondered why, during the presidential election, political video was not shown often about Trump’s fabrications about his supposedly fabulous ability as a businessman, as he faced down four bankruptcies. One banker interviewed in the documentary Trumped! said that consideration was given to imposing a personal bankruptcy on him, but decided against that in hopes that a financial recovery on his part would enable banks to collect at least part of what they were due.

Trump has a long history of stiffing contractors, who in good faith did work, which Don then claimed falsely was not up to snuff. Why weren’t former contractors and employees contacted, with video widely distributed, about his tendency to overcharge and underdeliver? There are people in Scotland, where The Donald plowed over ancient sand dunes, who still have disrupted water lines going to their homes, with his golf course not yielding at all the ‘tremendous’ profits and work that he promised.

Trump is like a caged animal. He’s not used to deep thinking and doing real work that a President must do. He’s used to barking out orders and having others formulate the answers, no matter what they are, and do them.

Apparently, he has no interest, nor does he care about the details. What he’s learning, is that a President lives and works in the White House, 24/7, and has to read and question his advisors and experts in many areas in order to render a determination or make policy. He’s apparently incapable of that.

He thought it was all a game like his TV shows. However, this is the real world, and for him, he lacks the intellectual ability to handle the job. However, his lack of interest and his actions and inactions can have disastrous consequences.

Republicans in Congress must put their misguided glee at being in the majority on hold. They’ve got to work with Democrats to form a unified opposition to the president and to communicate to the White House that this administration is not sustainable.

The emperor is naked on a world stage. He’s not respected by world leaders. Putin laughs at him as Russian spy boats prowl our shores. He’s not going to look out for the resentful folks in fly-over communities who think he’s got their backs. He’d sooner feed them to the wolves of Wall Street than look at them.

Running around barking orders and picking a cabinet like the one he has, do not inspire confidence. Nor do some of the more boneheaded moves he makes without Congress, including this past week’s sorry spectacle of rounding up undocumented immigrant even if they haven’t committed crimes.

Instead of expelling people from the United States, Trump should be focusing on staffing up his White House. Simply put he has his priorities all wrong, putting the cart before the horse both metaphorically and actually.

When the President of the United States publicly calls the most venerable broadcast and print news organizations in the United States the enemy of the people, at that moment it is he who has defined himself as that enemy.

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