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National Security Is…Well, Not Secure

By Linda Stockton 

National Security Advisor, General Mike Flynn has been released, fired, dismissed, resigned…choose your preference…leaving a very important role unfilled in the President’s cabinet. Vice Admiral Harward, tapped to be his replacement, has now declined to accept the offer. Rumored to have turned it down because he requested his own people to staff and was told that was not an option. Which, to be blunt, is odd. Why wouldn’t the head of a department have the authority to choose his own trusted staff? Anyway….What now?

Folks, this is a problem.

In case anyone is unaware, the role of National Security Advisor is responsible for tracking threats, rumors of threats, cyber-terrorist traffic threats, threats from natural disasters, civil unrest or other domestic or foreign entities which pose or could pose a breach to our common welfare as a country or as a people. The Advisor also works closely with the heads of the Department of Defense and the Department of State. These are meant to be co-equal positions and ideally, the three department heads should work well together having mutual experience and respect for one another. Not an easy thing in a new administration…less so in one already fraught with chaos and mistrust.

Who will this President choose, who, by the way, is not subject to congressional approval, who will be able to manage a volatile Commander-in-Chief, a businessman with Russian ties at State and a force to be reckoned with at Defense? It will have to be someone who is beyond reproach as far as confidentiality and security are concerned yet willing to bow to the demands of Bannon’s choices of who he will trust to surround him regarding the nation’s security. And along with that same line of thinking, why does David Petraeus’ name keep coming up? (see above…”beyond reproach”)

If we consider President Trump’s record so far in his choices, we should be concerned. No need to expand on that except to mention names: Conway, Priebus, Bannon, Carson, Miller, DeVos…Flynn. If the President truly seeks to instill a sense of security to the people of this nation, he would start by cleaning his house and making Flynn only the first of his dirt to be swept out. A fresh start is needed and solid advice from true conservative voices is needed to usher in a cabinet of solid, trustworthy people to join the few good choices such as K.T. McFarland and General James Mattis that are currently lone standouts of soberness in an increasingly alarming comedy of errors.

Our security as a nation, in a time where North Korea can launch missiles unchecked, Russian ships lurking 20 miles off our coast are casually spoken about in ranting pressers, and qualified people refuse to work for the administration, is a concern for all of us. It is not a habit of this writer to spread gloom and doom, but in the case of our national security, things don’t look good and I, for one, don’t feel safe. Do you?


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